Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day #30 - February 2, 2010 - Charmed

I finally got my charm bracelet back! I got a new charm for Christmas (the flip flop) and took it to James Avery a few weeks later to get it soldered on. I thought I had beat the after Christmas rush, but unfortunately I didn't. It took them nearly 3 weeks to solder on 1 charm! I've had this charm bracelet since I was in middle school. I stopped wearing it after I graduated from highschool and after receiving a charm last year for my birthday I decided to start wearing it again. I ended up having some charms taken off because of course things had majorly changed since I was in middle school. I had a horned frog charm and a TCU charm because I attended one year at TCU, I had hearts and I Love You's from old highschool boyfriends which needed to come off, and the clarinet and music notes from my highschool band days which are no longer "me" anymore. After that, it was pretty empty, but gradually my collection has increased and includes things that are the new version of "me." :)
I've been a James Avery girl since middle school when one of my best friends gave me a pair of cute heart earrings and I fell in love. My collection of James Avery jewelry is massive and pretty much every holiday I receive something from there. I pretty much wear the same things every day, but it's nice to have different options to choose from. Here's just a glimpse at some of my collection...
John got me this ring and this necklace for my last birthday, this bracelet for the birthday before that, and this ring for Christmas a couple of years ago. He knows he can't go wrong with something from James Avery. :)

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Lisa said...

I looove JA and got into it in middle school, too. I never did a charm bracelet from there but I buy charms and wear them on a chain. I have that last ring you posted, too! My mom always gets me stuff from there for holidays.

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