Friday, February 5, 2010

Day #32 - February 4, 2010 - The Opera!

Last night my friend, Summer, and I headed to the Opera! It was Opera in the Heights and we saw Un Ballo In Maschera. I haven't been to an Opera since I was in elementary school. And, I was pretty sure this wasn't going to be my favorite way to spend a Thursday night. But, the tickets were free through my school district, so what the heck.
I was actually pleasantly surprised. I wouldn't want to do this every week, but it was a nice change of scenery. :) I don't like that it is Italian and you have to read sub-titles and it was a little too long (3 hours). But, overall, it was a fun night! (this is a picture of the front of the program we received)

1 comment:

Sarah Mina said...

how do they do subtitles at the opera??? and holy crap, 3 know i would be knocked out after the first act! ;-)

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