Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day #44 - February 16, 2010 - An addiction?

I have an addiction...
I drink way too many diet cokes. I drink 1 can in the morning, 1 with lunch, 1 at dinner and usually 1 more in there somewhere depending on the day. I know I need to stop or atleast cut it down and drink more water, but literally I'm addicted. I crave them. And when I don't have them, I get a headache; a caffiene headache that only a diet coke or an excedrin will get rid of.
So, I was debating giving up the soda's for lent. No, I'm not catholic, but John is, so I wanted to do this with him, and one day (hopefully soon) I will be converting to Catholicism. But, I have decided against it. I can't go that long with headaches every day. Maybe next year? I have decided though to try to give up the desserts until Easter! And when I say desserts, I'm meaning cakes, icecream, candy, etc. Hopefully that will break my sweet tooth :P Looks like I'll be loading up on sugar free jello at the house for awhile. That stuff is amazing for a quick craving!

What are y'all giving up for lent?

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Lisa said...

Not a thing! I'm not Catholic.

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