Monday, February 22, 2010

Day #50 - February 21, 2010 - A meatloaf dinner!

Yesterday was such a good day! We relaxed at home most of the day then did some home improvement shopping (i'm going to write about that later this week!). Once we made it home, I started meatloaf for dinner while John watched the USA vs. Canada hockey game. I posted about the meatloaf here and while I usually make mashed potatoes with it, this time we decided to make asparagus. We bought the asparagus last time we went to the grocery store and we had to use it before it went bad. I made parmesean roasted asparagus found in this cookbook. I'm not a huge asparagus fan, but it was pretty darn good if I have to say so myself! Cheese can make anything good :) And I had plenty of leftover meatloaf for lunches this week!

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Anonymous said...

I love roasted asparagus with cheese!!

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