Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day #53 - February 24, 2010 - Squirrles and birds!

Excuse the very bad quality of this picture and the messiness of the house!
Last night my friend Summer was coming over to have dinner and watch Idol with me. The cats love watching out the glass screen door so I decided to open it while I was waiting on her. Cotton is watching all the birds and squirrles outside here and I know you can't tell but every time one would move, his head would go back and forth and he would get closer and closer to the door. Both of the cats love to stand at the door and just watch outside for hours! I can't leave it open for too long right now because it gets to cold in the house, but once it warms up, I have a feeling it'll be open most of the time. :)

And yay for Texas and DFW representing in the final 24 of American Idol! North Richland Hills, Ft. Worth, Arlington, Duncanville, and Amarillo! WOOO!

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