Friday, February 26, 2010

Day #54 - February 25, 2010 - A little personal

Before I get to the picture, I'm going to tell a tid bit of personal information about myself...
Thanks to my mom's sisters, I was blessed with big boobs. Well, most would call it blessed, I however, do not. I can not buy "regular" bras, not even from Victorias Secret, and God forbid I find a swim suit that fits correctly! I have pretty much come to terms that this is how my body is and plastic surgery is the only thing that can fix it, which I'm not quite ready to do just yet. I know I will HAVE to do it someday though. My back hurts, I have indentions in my shoulders from my bra strap and I HATE going to the gym mainly because of this issue. There is no such thing as a good, SUPPORTIVE sports bra for my big tata's. :) So, its a regular bra with a sports bra on top and that's just a pain in the butt. When I was younger, this was a huge insecurity for me. It still is, but not near as much. I would dread summer because I knew I would have to go shopping for swim suits and never find one. I would find one occasionally, but it was never as cute as what the other girls and my friends were wearing. Like I said, I have pretty much come to terms with this issue and I know that my swimsuits may not be the newest, cutest thing, but if I can find something that fits, BUY IT! I have not bought a new swim suit since January of 2007 when I went on a cruise. I decided with our upcoming trip to Cancun coming up, I needed to go start now to try to find something! I walked in to Everything But Water, where I got the previous swim suit I bought back in 2007, and I found the Sunsets brand they carry there. I found this amazing top and some black bottoms. They come in bra sizes and even have an underwire bra on the inside for that support I need. They didn't have any other colors there I liked that weren't too "old lady" ish so I decided to look online and see if I could find any other available colors. I found this red and white polkadot style and fell in love! I ordered it online with the red bottoms and got it yesterday in the mail. I knew it would fit because its the same style and size as the one I bought at Everything But Water, but I tried it on last night and I think I might actually feel comfortable and swimsuit this year, FINALLY! I bought a solid red top as well to go with the bottoms, so I have 3 swimsuits this year that actually fit correctly, give support where I need it, and most of all, are actually cute! I know it's not something I would pick out for myself if I had that perfect body, but this is far better than anything I have found for my boobies. ;) So, MAJOR KUDOS to Sunsets swimwear for making this amazing swim suit!

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Greg Stager said...

Savs -

Your post for day #54 about your experience purchasing swimwear was both inspiring and insightful. As the owner of Sunsets, the designer and maker of your suit, I was personally moved and shared your blog with all our employees and reps - who were equally inspired! It's our goal as a company to make all woman - regardless or size, shape or age - look as good as possible in our swimwear and feel great about themselves. If we helped you in this way, then we have accomplished our goal! Thank you for sharing with others a subject so personal....yet necessary. Greg Stager President Sunsets, Inc.

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