Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day #71 - March 14, 2010 - Meet the parents

***I just realized my pictures are out of order and I have no idea how to fix it. It keeps uploading them wrong and won't copy and paste so I can move them around. So, they will stay out of order :)***

Well, Monday my iphone bit the dust! And guess what... my picture for Sunday was on the phone. Luckily the awesome guy from the Apple store was able to bring the phone back to life, but because I hadn't hooked it up to Itunes in awhile, I lost everything since then; including Sunday's picture. We had a very exciting day on Sunday, so I want to at least write about what happened! :)
My mom and sister came in town on Sunday morning to spend a couple of days with me because we were both out for Spring Break. When we found out they were coming a few weeks ago we invited John's family to come over Sunday night for dinner because they had never met. Well, the families have now finally met and it went amazingly well! I wasn't really worried about it, but I was still semi anxious. John picked up fajitas and all the trimmings from our favorite Mexican food restaurant, Escalantes, and I made cake balls for dessert. It was great to have both of our families here together in our house for the first time. :) We had some left over cake balls so I added a picture of those. I haven't perfected the roundness of them yet, but they were super yummy. I think these are my new favorite dessert :-P
(these are the aloe vera plants)

I have been telling my mom for awhile that our back patio is pretty pathetic. The lady who lived here before us left some awesome plants and greenery in the back, but it all died when we had our freezing weather this winter. My mom brought us this pot of "Hens and Chickens."
(this is the new tree)

She also brought us this tree and got in the flower beds and pulled all the dead plants that were out there! Now we need to plant something else out there that is super hard to kill because I have no green thumb!
(this is the pot of Hens and Chickens)
And this is the other side of our flower beds where she pulled everything out of. There were 2 aloe vera plants they lady left before us. I thought they were dead, but she pulled all the dead plant out and there were new green growths in the bottom so she salvaged them and we have 2 big aloe vera plants again!
(and these are the cake balls)
So, Sunday was a very good day. I did have to cheat a little bit with the pictures because of the iphone dillema, but hey, you got to see 4 pictures instead of just 1 :)
***Sorry the pics are out of order!***

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