Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day #72 - March 15, 2010 - Another day at the rodeo!

Monday, my mom, sister and I headed back out the rodeo. This has unintentionally became a tradition of ours since I moved to Houston 5 years ago. It seems as though every year they come here to visit during Spring Break which happens to be the same time of year as the Rodeo so we always make a trip to Reliant Park. This year we got tickets to see Lady Antebellem and let me just say, they were amazing. They really put on a good show.
Anyway, my mom was trying to play photographer in this picture. She wanted a cute picture of the back of our boots. It turned out cute I think. Except for the unfortunate varicose veins I have. That's one of the many horrible things nursing does to your body! :-/

1 comment:

Sarah Mina said...

This is a great picture! Your mom did a good job :)

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