Monday, May 24, 2010

Day #130 - May 12, 2010 - A trip to the zoo

Wednesday we took all the girls and their babies to the zoo! This is me and Ms. Walker, one of my few friends at work. It was so fun to see the girls and their babies together and it was so good to see them have a good time. Most don't get to go to the zoo very often so it was nice that we were able to take them for the day!

Day #129 - May 11, 2010 - Another surprise!

Tuesday morning, the secretary in the school office brought me these from the office staff, principal, and assistant principal! :) They already know me too well - there's a kitty on the front of the card!

Day #128 - May 10, 2010 - A letter from the Governor

On Monday morning, I had this waiting in my inbox for me! Not only is it nurses week, but May 12th has been designated as school nurses day! woo hoo!

Day #127 - May 9, 2010 - Mother's day breakfast!

This is a heart-attack on a plate, but oh so good! My mom got up on mothers day and cooked all of us breakfast! I think she was glad to have all of us in one place for once so she didn't mind :) My favorite part of breakfast - the homemade bisquick biscuits!
After breakfast, it was back to the airport to head back "home" to Houston!

Day #126 - May 8, 2010 - Saturday morning brunch

Saturday morning, us girls went to brunch in the Ft. Worth Stock Yards at a place called H3 Ranch. I failed to get a picture while everyone was there, but pulled out my camera to get a picture of the famous Stockyards Station Sign before we left. I love the stockyards and for anyone who is going to visit Ft. Worth, you have to go there. And H3 Ranch is a good steak place (and brunch) to try out!

Day #125 - May 7, 2010 - Friday night in Ft. Worth

Friday I took off work and flew to DFW to spend Mother's day weekend with my mom and family. We went out for dinner then got a phone call saying my sisters graduation announcements were ready to be picked up. This is what they look like! So, me and my creative self spent the rest of the evening addressing all of the invites with a hot pink glitter pen :) Aren't these invites so cool? Apparently this is the new thing to do at her school. No one uses the traditional school announcements anymore. I loved how you can display several of the senior pics and not just one. I can't believe my baby sister is graduating from high school!

Day #124 - May 6, 2010 - Happy Nurses Week!

May 6-12th of this year were designated as Nurses Week! Much to my surprise, I got this card in the mail on Thursday from my momma! I thought no one knew about nurses week, but little did I know that several people remembered... More to come!!

Day #123 - May 5, 2010 - Mission organization: shoes

I have a problem: too many shoes. I picked this up at Kohl's a few weeks ago and finally got them all organized. I love that a pair of sandals can fit in one hole so it holds a lot more shoes than the package says. Yup, its been a little while since I actually took this picture, but my shoes are still organized!

Day #122 - May 4, 2010 - Now reading...

Ok, I can't keep up! I'm wayyyy behind on this, but will do my best to get caught up tonight! :) Anyway, this is my current read. I started it several weeks ago and just haven't had time to sit and read as much as I would like. But, I do love this book!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day #121 - May 3, 2010 - Kitty cat bed

After our regular weekly trip to Costco, John and I came home with this cat bed. Cotton loved it :) The kitties fought over it the first few days, but now neither one of them has gotten near it in over a week! I still have it sitting in the living room in hopes that one of them will lay on it again so I know I didn't waste my money.
I just thought this picture was too cute though!

Day #120 - May 2, 2010 - Summertime treats

Sunday before going in to the grocery store we noticed a frozen yogurt place next door called Fresco. John wanted to get a smoothie and I was just planning on getting a small frozen yogurt, but came out with this! They had 2 of my favorite toppings: fresh cherries and rainbow sprinkles :-P And they weren't stingy on either, that's for sure! This was by far the best dessert I've had in a long time and it is going to be very dangerous that the place is so close to the house on those hot summer days!

Day #119 - May 1, 2010 - Pretty flowers

A small portion of our flower bed that we did a few weekends back... All the pretty colorful flowers are now dead and I have no idea why. I think b/c the lack of sun in the patio. The others still look great, so we might dig up the dead ones and get some more of the ones that are still alive. John and I have no green thumbs if you couldn't tell :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day #118 - April 30, 2010 - Beer and tattoos

Friday night we headed back out to Firehouse to see DunVille, who I talked about here. We had a great time, as usual, and I had maybe a few too many beers. Maria and I both ended up with the DV (temporary) tattoo on our chests and of course had to take a picture of it... It was a fun night though and we ended up going to Denny's afterwards with everyone and didn't get home until almost 4am. We haven't stayed out that late in forever but it was a definitely a nice change :)

Day #117 - April 29, 2010 - I love picture texts!

Thursday I got this picture in my text message in box from my best friend, Stephanie, who I talked about here. This is her baby girl, Katelynn! Stephanie just got an iphone and I have been getting lots of pictures from her recently and I love it. And this one just stuck out to me! :) This reminded me of the days when I used to take a bath in the sink at my Grannie's house and also reminded me of someone who lives in my house... Cotton! haha.

Day #116 - April 28, 2010 - National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

I talked about here the kind of students I have in my school. Well, I found out that next Wednesday, May 5th, is the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. Most of the girls at my school have already had a baby, or 2 or 3... But, its my job to try to help them prevent it again. Because HISD is totally against discussing contraception, I have to focus on abstinence (totally unrealistic in my opinion, but oh well). Me and my creative self made this flier to hand out to the school next Wednesday to focus on not having sex. Most of the students will probably wad it up and put it in the trash can, but hopefully it'll get through to at least one student and that means I have done my job. It's going out to the boys too. These boys need to understand that their choices have consequences just as much as the girls do. Hopefully you can read the details of the flier, but if not, its focusing on the myths about sex and I got all the information from this awesome website!

Day #115 - April 27, 2010 - I'm a "Gleek"

In this post, I talked about how I signed up for Netflix to mainly catch up with Glee and The Hills. I got the first disc of season 1 of Glee in the mail on Tuesday and have already finished the first disc, the first 4 episodes of Season 1! I should be getting the second disc any day now to continue being a "GLEEK"!

Day #114 - April 26, 2010 - Cotton's favorite spot

Cotton is his favorite spot... waitin on a cold drink of water!

Day #113 - April 25, 2010 - March for babies

Sunday morning John and I got up bright and early and headed to the University of Houston campus for the March of Dimes walk. My school's FCCLA club started the group and because John was a preemie (I know, who woulda thought??) we decided to join them and walk for babies. Not to surprisingly, no students actually showed up for the walk, but 3 other teachers from school came and it was nice to chat and walk outside of work. I was so happy that we did this for such a great cause. There were family teams out there with shirts and pictures of their preemie babies born at 23 and 24 weeks and they were all grown up and walking with the group. It is just amazing how much technology has improved and how babies can be saved and live a normal life when only making it through barely half of the time supposed to be spent in the womb. My heart was extremely happy after that day, even though I was exhausted!! :-D

Day #112 - April 24, 2010 - Yard work

Saturday, John and I spent ALL day in the patio working on the flower beds. When we cut down one of the trees we found lots and lots of slugs and snails. I was fascinated by them. Well, actually I thought they were disgusting, but I had to snap a picture. I'll post pics of the finished patio area in a later post!

Day #111 - April 23, 2010 - Netflix and Wii

So, in the previous post I talked about how I got Time Travelers Wife in the mail from Netflix. Well, I signed up at the beginning of the week because I heard all the hype of streaming the movies to the Wii and I thought that was pretty cool. And, I had been wanting to get caught up on the beginning seasons of Glee and The Hills so I thought that would be an easy way of doing it. I am very disappointed though because not every movie is available to watch instantly on the Wii. In fact out of all the shows and movies I wanted to watch only 2 were available to stream to the Wii. Unless they get some more to watch soon, I'll be cancelling my membership at the end of the month. So, Friday I got the streaming disc in the mail to use with the Wii (we got one for the PS3 too) and we watched Julie and Julia. This was a great movie. John didn't like it, but I loved it.

Day #110 - April 22, 2010 - Margaritas and movies

Thursday night, John was out of town so I headed to Happy Hour at Escalantes with some fellow school nurse friends and then came home and found Time Travelers Wife in my mailbox from Netflix. This movie was super weird and glad I watched it alone and didn't make John suffer through it! haha :)

Day #109 - April 21, 2010 - Just finished reading...

I just finished reading this book, This Full House. It's the last book in the Make Lemonade Trilogy I talked about here. I finished all 3 books in the Trilogy and wish there more! Then it would actually be called a series and not a trilogy, but whatever. It was definitely easy reading and fit for high school aged girls, but I loved reading about a girl growing up in the same kind of situations that the girls I work with grow up in. The best part: she overcomes all of that and it ends with her getting in to college. Next up on my reading list: Eat, Pray, Love!
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