Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day #111 - April 23, 2010 - Netflix and Wii

So, in the previous post I talked about how I got Time Travelers Wife in the mail from Netflix. Well, I signed up at the beginning of the week because I heard all the hype of streaming the movies to the Wii and I thought that was pretty cool. And, I had been wanting to get caught up on the beginning seasons of Glee and The Hills so I thought that would be an easy way of doing it. I am very disappointed though because not every movie is available to watch instantly on the Wii. In fact out of all the shows and movies I wanted to watch only 2 were available to stream to the Wii. Unless they get some more to watch soon, I'll be cancelling my membership at the end of the month. So, Friday I got the streaming disc in the mail to use with the Wii (we got one for the PS3 too) and we watched Julie and Julia. This was a great movie. John didn't like it, but I loved it.

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