Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Living room re-do finished and back to work

Sunday night we finally finished painting our almost complete downstairs and John's bathroom. We ran out of time to paint my bathroom and the guest bedroom, but we will get to it eventually, those 2 rooms and the kitchen. The biggest difference to me is the "dining room" area. This small area is labeled as a dining room, but we have just had our large living room furniture spread straight across to there and there was no room for a table. We decided to scrunch our furniture a little bit over and use that area for a desk instead. When we bought the house the area was painted red on the bottom and white on the top. Now, it's a solid beige with the white chair rails.


We still need to get a chair. We are using our breakfast table chair from the kitchen for now. And, the decorations aren't exactly how I want them. Ideally I want several wide long shelves to go over the desk like these from Pottery Barn but that's not exactly in our budget right now since we just bought the new desk. It came from Costco and I'm extremely satisfied with the quality and look of it!
(and look closely under the desk, he loves his new home! ha)

And in other news... I went back to work yesterday. And when I went back, I found out that I am off again until next Tuesday. How crazy/stupid is that? Oh well, I'm thankful I have another week off, but HISD is just so weird. It was nice to be back there and start working on stuff for the new school year. They "forgot" to wax my floors over the break so they were getting ready to do that yesterday. Needless to say, I couldn't start putting my clinic back together, but next week I will have some time to start working on it. And then there will be the dreaded first day of registration and enrollments. Of course, I am always the bad guy when I say the students can't enroll because they haven't had a shot in 10 years... ;)

Is it bad to say I'm already looking forward to our first break??

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Sarah Mina said...

It looks great! And I am so jealous of your desk! I want one, too!

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