Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall TV

With the season premiere of One Tree Hill last night, it got me so excited for the fall TV line up!

Season 8 of One Tree Hill started yesterday. I have watched One Tree Hill since I was in college at TWU in Denton. Watching it brings me back to that place... laying in bed with my best friends in the dorm ooohing and ahhhing over Lucas Scott! :) Yesterdays episode did not disappoint either! Although it is a little more racy than I ever remember it being!

Other shows I can't wait to start watching next week...
Grey's Anatomy - premiers Thursday September 23rd

Private Practice - premiers Thursday September 23rd

Desperate Housewives - Premiers Sunday September 26th

Brothers and Sisters - Premiers Sunday September 26th

And of course once these start back up, I'll my DVRing them as well...

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