Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trudy's Hallmark

I stopped in the Hallmark by my house yesterday to pick up John's sisters birthday card and was in Heaven when I walked in. I mean I literally had to hold myself back from buying the whole store. Here are a few things I walked away with when my only intentions of going in there were for a card!...
Yellow Box Flip Flops - perfect for TTU game days! I love the red

Super cute wallet/clutch - came with a check book cover as well

Black and White Zebra Watches - Yes, I bought both...I have been looking for a white watch that wasn't too expensive but now that summer's over I know I won't be wearing it as much so I went ahead and bought the black one to wear now and the white for next summer ;)

If anyone reading this is in the area, you should definitely stop in! It's the Trudy's Hallmark in Towne and Country at the Beltway and I10.

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