Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ready for Christmas

I got the new Crate & Barrel catalog in the mail this week and I am so ready to start decorating for Christmas.
These are a few of things I might be making a trip to Crate & Barrel to pick up soon!

[Skating Reindeer Doormat]

[Jewel Stripe Stocking]

[Jewel Ruby Stocking]

[Jewel Ruby Tree Skirt]

I am in love with these stockings and tree skirt! I have been searching for stockings that I loved and I think these are it! We didn't even have stockings last year b/c I never found any I liked. We don't have a mantle but I plan on hanging them on our 2 shelves that hang above our computer desk.

[Meow Cat Stocking]

The kitties have to have stockings too!

[Set of 3 Glitter Ball Silver Ornaments]

[Set of 3 Glitter Ball Red Ornaments]

[Set of 3 Glitter Ball Green Ornaments]

[Set of 2 Textured Antique Glass Red Ornaments]

I need some pretty ornaments to fill up my large apothecary jar that pine cones are occupying now. I like the glitter balls for the apothecary jar. I LOVE the antiqued ones though! If I decide to re-do our tree, I might do all red with white lights and use those antiqued ornaments.

[Snowflake Hurricane]

[Joy Dish Towel]

I picked up a bunch of Christmas stuff at Pier 1 last year on major clearance after Christmas so I don't need a whole lot. But all of this stuff, budget allowing, would definitely make our house feel a little more like the holidays! :)

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