Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cake Balls!

A lot of people were asking about the cake balls I made last weekend so I decided to do a post on it. I am no expert on making cake balls. In fact, I really don't like anything about making them except the fun part of eating them afterwards. :-P but, when John's mom asked me to make them for a jewelry party she was having, of course I said yes!

This time around I decided to make strawberry cake balls with strawberry icing and vanilla almond bark and rainbow chip cake with rainbow chip vanilla icing with vanilla almond bark.
First you just bake the cake according to the box directions.

Once the cake is baked, you let it cool enough for you to crumble it up and mix the coordinating icing in it. I like to do this when the cake is still warm so the icing melts easier.

After it's crumbled, the best thing to do is put it in the refrigerator and let it cool because the balls roll out easier when cool. After it's cooled, you roll out balls of the cake batter/icing mix.
I like to cool them again after they are rolled. The cooler they are the better they stay together when you dip them in the bark.

I used just plain HEB brand vanilla almond bark and melted a little at a time in the microwave to dip the balls. This is the hardest part for me and I have not perfected it. I use a spoon and drown them in the bark and pull them out and plop them on a pan. Yup those are my awesome culinary skills! :) I've heard of some people using sticks to dip them and serving like lollipops and some people using forks and some people using an egg separator thing. Those things didn't work for me.

As you can see, mine don't turn out very pretty. I added pink sprinkles to my strawberry ones to differentiate the 2 flavors. That covered up some of the imperfections! No matter what they look like, they always taste oh-so-good! I was so glad that they all got eaten at the party, because taking them home would not have been good for me and John!


mrs.mfc said...

I have been wanting to try cake balls!! This post might just inspire me to try them for a party I'm hosting in a couple weeks!

Jennifer said...

Those look great! Have you tried the oreo ones? Everyone calls them oreo truffles around here and they are too die for, amazing!

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