Friday, November 19, 2010

I love me some Costco!

Well, I've talked about our love for Costco in multiple blog posts, but this weeks trip was just icing on the cake! We went in for our "regulars" and came out with way too much. We usually go there for our Coke Zeros, cat litter, bottled water, steaks, and snacks.
Well this week I came out with a new jacket, a new pair of sweat pants, a shirt, and plenty of other stuff we really didn't need to buy in bulk. Really, who needs 400 paper plates or 16 rolls of paper towels? You just can't pass it up when you know it's a good deal though! Haha
I don't have any pictures but I picked up a new Michael Kors RED peacoat for $49.99, a pair of DKNY sweat pants for $19.99 and a super cute thermal long sleeve tee with the infamous ruffles on the chest for $14.99. John got an adidas pull over as well.
(Mine looks very similar to this Michael Kors one seen on

And Christmas stuff! I will be going back once I put my Christmas stuff up at the house. I didn't want to over do it today because I wasn't exactly sure what all I needed , but they have everything! Wrapping paper, gift boxes and gift sets, ornaments, wreaths, decorations, great gifts, and etc etc etc, I could go on and on! 400 sheets of tissue paper for $5. Yes please!

So, if any of you live near a Costco, you should check it out! The membership is only $50 for the year and I really think it's worth it. You can take a tour of it before you decide too. It has been well worth it for us!


Sarah Mina said...

Hahaha, gotta love Costco! Sounds like ya'll got some great deals, too!

Jennifer said...

I love those coats! I may have to go check out my costco and see what they have to offer - thanks!

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