Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It looks like Christmas threw up in my house!

I was THAT person and decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving even arrived... I just couldn't control the urges anymore and I decorated over the weekend! This was the first year I truly decorated. I didn't even have my first tree until 2 years ago in my apartment and last year moved that tree to John's house. Now it's our house and even though it's still the same tree, I changed our "theme." I used red, lime green and silver for our tree and tried to stick with that theme through the house too. Here are some pictures of all of our decorations!

Guest bathroom....

I loved this buttom picture frame and it was perfect for our NYC Christmas picture from last year!
End table in the living room

Tree candle holder, Texas Tech snowman, and reindeer from the Nutcracker Market on the speaker next to the TV.

Center piece for the coffee table

The book shelf right when you walk in the door.

We have no fireplace/mantle so I had to make do with our stockings. I still need to get our stockings monogrammed. And aren't those cat stockings the cutest??

The tree!

Up close pictures of the tree...

I bought all of the ornaments at Garden Ridge, Kohls and Target (except the few I got at the Nutcracker Market.) I bought the ribbon I used as garland and to make the green bows at Garden Ridge as well. I also found that a very easy and cheap way to decorate for Christmas is to fill up glass jars you already have with the ball ornaments. I bought big boxes of the ornaments in my color scheme and used them to fill up 3 glass jars I already had (the one on the coffee table, the large apothecary jar and the jar where the stockings are all in pictures above.)
John and I will be in and out of town through December so I'm glad I got my decorations up early so I can enjoy them as long as possible! Now, let's just hope my tree remains standing through the new year and no cats decide to climb it! :)


Tickled Pink said...

It looks fabulous!!

Jennifer said...

All your decorations are beautiful! And I do the same colors

I LOVE your button frame and think I might have to DIY one for myself now!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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