Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nutcracker Market

So, I've lived in Houston for 5 years and have heard about the Nutcracker Market over and over again and I honestly thought they sold a bunch of nutcrackers out of Reliant Center. After seeing what Sarah picked up out there, I realized I HAD to go. Sunday John was an amazingly good sport while I drug him out to to Reliant Park for 4 hours of non stop Christmas shopping! Here are some things I picked up...

Kitty cat ornaments

A metal cat stand I plan on sitting next to our TV stand

A metal reindeer (I picked up 3 of these)

A Texas Tech snow man (Cotton is checking him out...)

More ornaments

our stockings! I need to get them monogrammed

And more ornaments (these are really sparkly!)

My favorite purchase of the day!
I picked up another ornament from this same vendor for my mom which is super cute but I don't want to ruin the surprise in case she is reading this ;)

If you are in Houston, you have to check out the Nutcracker Market. I could have spent the whole day in there and spent ALOT more money in there, but luckily I had a boy with me that controlled my spending a little bit! :)


Lisa said...

The snowglobe ornament (I'm guessing that is what it is...can't really tell how big it is) is sooooo cute!! I've never been either. Is it all Christmas stuff?

Sarah Mina said...

Yay! I'm glad you went, and I love everything you picked out. Maybe next year we can go together so you don't have drag John again!

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