Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our weekend :)

Saturday morning my mom and her husband came to Houston for a visit! We spent the day visiting and Tim helped us with some house issues that we needed fixed.
Saturday night was senior night for John's sister at her highschool football game. She's in the band and all the seniors in band got to walk through their big Cougar Head. She was so excited!
Katie and John's parents coming out of the cougar head!
Katie has on the big green hat
I thought this was very creative for a Halloween game!

Self Portraits during the game...

My mom is in cosmetology school and she did my hair for me Saturday. I wish I could make it look that good every day!

After halftime, we took my mom and Tim to Yardhouse in City Centre since that's something they can't get in Ft. Worth. John's parents met us there and it was great to get to have dinner with both families! :)

Waiting for our table at Yardhouse

The weather was absolutely amazing on Saturday! I got to wear some of my new fall clothes I had been anxiously awaiting to pull out of my closet finally!

Sunday was a pretty uneventful Halloween for us. Neither one of us are in to dressing up or really celebrating so we spent the day watching football, buying groceries, cooking homemade pizza for dinner and making some sugar/cinnamon almonds in the crock pot. (A post to come on those later!) We had a few trick or treaters, but not near enough to get rid of all of our candy. I think we're going to have to take it to work or throw it away so we don't keep eating it!

And please keep John and his family in your thoughts/prayers this week. Their 12 year old poodle, Bailey, passed away this weekend. He was a big part of their family.
Bailey back in December when we doggy sat :*(

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Jennifer said...

I'm glad y'all had such a great weekend with family but I'm so sorry that John's family lost their pup. That breaks my heart :(

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