Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Weekend

Let’s talk about the food first!
I don’t know about y’all, but I did some major waist line damage over the holidays! Most people over do it with the traditional Thanksgiving feast but not me. I did have a nice Thanksgiving dinner at John’s parents house complete with lemon and chocolate cakes for dessert, but I am not a big “Thanksgiving food” fan. This is not where I did my worst damage.
Friday morning, John and I left to go to Ft. Worth to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. Except we didn’t celebrate in the traditional kind of way b/c they already had their Thanksgiving meal on Thursday. Friday night started with dinner at Nikki’s, one of my favorite hole in the wall Italian restaurants by my Grannie’s house. I think we eat this every time I go back to Ft. Worth!
Saturday we met my family at a place called Cowboy Chow for lunch for my cousin’s birthday complete with PBR, Chicken Cigars and Brisket Tacos. See pics…

Then off to the mall we went! After lots of shopping and John being dragged around we made it to Flips, a restaurant/bar to watch the Texas Tech vs UH game. Of course there we had to indulge in more beer, chips, salsa, queso, and fried pickles. And don’t forget all the left over desserts that were at the house that we munched on when we got home too.
Sunday morning we got up and went to breakfast at IHOP with more bad eating of eggs, sausage, pancakes and hasbrowns.

We had a great weekend at home, but the eating was just BAD! I guess that’s what happens over the holidays and now it’s time to make up for it.

Between all the eating we did lots of SHOPPING! We didn’t get to participate in the Black Friday morning madness b/c we were on the road to Ft. Worth, but we did make it to some stores Friday night and we were actually surprised it wasn’t crowded! (Well, for Christmas time anyway) You know it’s not crowded at Best Buy when you can get a front row parking spot! :) After a trip to Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Bath and Body Works, Gap and NY&Co, we called it a night.
The next day after lunch we made a trip to Sam Moon (Wooohooo for one of these being open in Ft. Worth now!) and to Southlake Town Center for more shopping at James Avery, Bath and Body Works (again!) and Vera Bradley. Sunday after breakfast we were at it again shopping at Cavenders. I got almost all my Christmas presents bought over the weekend and I am so glad! They are all wrapped under the tree and ready for Christmas. I might have picked up a few things for myself while we were out as well… ;)

And just a few other random pics from our long weekend… :)

Meet Blitz...
He's being fostered by my mom's husband son and is up for adoption...
Isn't he cute??
This is Beau... my dog :)
And this is my mom climbing in the window b/c the dogs locked us out...
And this is the traffic we sat in for over 5 hours trying to get home from Ft. Worth!
Can't wait to go back for Christmas in 3 weeks!

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