Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm baaaack!

Sorry I went missing there for awhile! Like I said before we left for Port Aransas on Friday and got back Tuesday afternoon. I was planning on doing a post about our vacation then, but I came home to a broken computer. It is still iffy. In fact, it might just actually shut down while I'm writing this post, but I'm risking it anyway. Then Thursday I got bored and decided to take a spur of the moment trip to Ft. Worth to see the family. And, now it's Saturday and I'm back in Houston ready to take in 1 more week of being off work before the big day, August 9th! Because my computer is so um, what's the word, spastic, right now I'm not going to take the chance of writing a big long post full of pictures from vacation and it randomly shut down on me. So, I will try to do it tomorrow from John's computer. But, until then, I will leave you with this...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The boredom has set in

I never though I'd EVER hear myself say this, but I'm ready to go back to work! The past 3 weeks off work have been fun and relaxing, but I'm getting BORED! The first 2 weeks off I did a lot of shopping and had stuff to do, but thanks to the very reliable, I have alerts every day saying I'm over my shopping budget (by alot) so I've had to force myself to stay home this week and not go out and spend money. I actually look for chores to do, which is very very not like me. I've done small loads of laundry, just because, I've organized John's closet and his dresser, organized my closet, and have been gradually packing for our trip this weekend all week, just to have stuff to do. I play with the kitties a lot, even though I'm interrupting their sleeping. This trip tomorrow could not be coming at a better time; I think I would go stir crazy if I had to sit here another day. I went and got a much needed mani yesterday and because technically that's not in my "shopping" budget I didn't get that annoying beep from the app on my iPhone saying I went over budget. ;) And in other random thoughts... I'm addicted to Angry Birds! I think this is the next best app since Doodle Jump. You HAVE to check this one out and it is oh so worth the 99 cents!

Also, to pass time, I've been doing a lot of reading. Mainly I'll lay by the pool (when we've had good weather) and lounge and read, but it's also nice to just kick back the recliner and read a good chicklit book. These are a few that I've read this summer and would highly recommend!

I also finished Hissy Fit by Mary Kay Andrews (which I can't find a picture of).
Next up on my list to start:

Anyway, that's enough random thoughts for today! I'll be back Wednesday with what I'm sure will be a fun post with all the pics from our trip to Port Aransas this weekend!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our summer... in pictures!

Well, I last left you with our Memorial Day Cookout, but I have been a pretty busy girl since then!

~I started working summer school and watched lots of movies and read lots of books because I only saw 2 students the whole summer.
~John and I took a trip to Ft. Worth to celebrate at my sister's graduation party.

~While in Ft. Worth, I took John to his first Ranger's game!

~I watched my baby sister graduate from high school

~We watched USA play in the world cup, cooked out and swam with friends

~I waited in line 4 1/2 hours to get my new iPhone 4
~We attended the wedding of Patricia and Sebastian...

where I caught the bouquet... again

~I bought a new car!

~I finally finished working Summer school on July 2nd.
~Celebrated the 4th of July at City Centre with friends

~Cotton got shaved like a lion

~I finally got our 2 bedrooms prettied up :)

~Stephanie and Katelynn came for a visit

~We celebrated Chia's 21st birthday again ;)

I have had a blast this summer and still have 2 1/2 more weeks off work to enjoy even more! We are headed to Port Aransas this weekend for lots of fun in the sun so look for more fun posts after then.

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Few Changes

Well, I fell off the bandwagon with the Project 365. It got really hard to find interesting things to take pictures of when my life isn't all that interesting! But, I think I'm going to keep the blog up and running! I was back in Ft. Worth for my sister's graduation in June and so many people that I had no idea read my blog came up to me and told me that they enjoyed hearing about my day to day, especially with me being away from home. I had no idea so many people were reading! So, I will update when I have a chance and when I have exciting news or pictures I want to share. It will also be a good chance for me to document those things for ME to remember. I'm not quite sure why people want to read about my life or hear about my day to day adventures... I'm no fashionista with IRL pictures of my OOTD, I'm not planning a wedding to share Wedding Wednesday posts, and no baby to show my weekly pregnancy highlights. But, some people enjoy this crazy boring life of mine, so here it is!
The last picture I left you with was on Memorial Day so my next post will be the rest of the summer so far in pictures!
Until then...

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