Monday, January 17, 2011

Miscellany Monday

I'm linking up again for Miscellany Monday!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. I'm enjoying being off work today! It just might be 2:30pm and I just might still be in my pajamas... ;)

2. I had some old bananas and randomly decided to bake some banana bread muffins. I found a recipe on and I had all the ingredients so I have a very nice aroma of banana bread in my house right now. If they taste good, maybe I'll share the recipe :-P

3. I just calculated the weight watchers points for 1 of these muffins I made and I will not be able to have one unless I don't eat dinner tonight... :-/ I guess I'll take them to work tomorrow. (or maybe I'll sneak in half a muffin!)

4. Since when does the City of Houston charge a "licensing fee" on pets? I have had both of my cats for 5 years and with the exception of a 6 month time frame I have lived in the City of Houston and never heard about this. I got a post card in the mail recently saying I needed to get a license for Pixie and I called today and had to pay $21.95 just for a flippin license on her. Funny though, they didn't even have Cotton on file.... maybe I'll leave it that way??

5. I'm reeeeally excited to post my weight watchers Wednesday post this week. I had some good #'s again yesterday. Stay tuned for that.

6. I had to leave work early on Friday because of a killer sore throat I'd had for a couple of days. Ends up I have tonsillitis :( I've been on penicillin now for a couple of days and am feeling better but now I can't get over this cough I have and the really nasty raspy man voice isn't attractive at all.

7. John got Amazon Prime for free through his .edu email account )where you get free 2 day shipping) and ever since then we have had at least 1 package on our doorstep every day. Sometimes 2 or 3. I think he's just looking for stuff to buy just because it's free 2 day shipping. ;) Did we really need that remote control helicopter or extra box of k-cups? Probably not.

8. Does any else watch Jersey Shore. Holy Cow that show is freakin' hilarious. I find myself actually laughing out loud and that doesn't happen very often with reality TV. Are these kids really that stupid? I'm laughing out loud now just thinking about it. Thursday nights are one of my favorite TV nights thanks to MTV!

9. And last but not least, everyone should go check out the other Savannah's blog for her giveaway! She's giving away this super cute camera strap cover made by her MOM!! Go check out her blog :)

That's all my miscellany ramblings for today!


Kevin said...

Jersey Shore is by far the worst show on tv and its not even close.

Tickled Pink said...

Haha... Jersey Shore. This is my first year watching it. It's like a train wreck! But I'm kind of addicted now! Hope you feel better soon!

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