Monday, January 24, 2011

Miscellany Monday

I'm back for Miscellany Monday!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. I'm super excited for the Bachelor tonight. I told myself I wasn't going to get sucked in this season, but I already am. Emily is my fav so far!

2. After seeing a lot of bloggers post about this new chapstick, I'm really wanting some. I've looked the last few times at the store, but can't find any :( Lemon is one of my favorite flavors so this just has to be fabulous.

3. I didn't think I would like American Idol this season without Simon, Ellen, or Kara but I actually think I like it better. Jennifer Lopez was just great and Steven Tyler (even though I'm not a big fan) really did a good job. I do think though that they let a bunch of people through who wouldn't have made it in the past seasons.

4. John convinced me to download this new alarm app on the iPhone clock called Sleep Cycle. I'm going to do a whole separate post about this because it's very interesting, but basically it can tell when you are in your deepest sleep so it doesn't wake up during that. More to come on that one.

5. 7 more weeks until Spring Break. :)

6. A few weeks ago on Miscellany Monday I mentioned that John was going to San Diego. Well, he booked me a ticket so I get to go too! Thanks to some frequent flier miles and his company paying for the hotel, we are basically going for free! Now we need suggestions on things to do...

7. I had another pretty good Weight Watchers week. Stay tuned for Weight Watchers Wednesday for the full scoop.

8. This weekend John and I are headed to DFW for my family's annual trip to the Ft. Worth Rodeo. I'm excited to get to put on my cowboy boots again! ;)

9. I'm excited for the Houston Rodeo again this year. The entertainers never disappoint and I reeeeally wanna see Miranda Lambert and Zach Brown Band this year. The only bad thing - they are both on week days the same week. I'm out for Spring Break that week, but John isn't. So, if anyone wants to join me, speak up! :)

10. I got the Josh Abbot Band CD for Christmas and I am LOVING this song...

That's it for my miscellany's today. I always end up with way more than planned :)

"See" y'all tomorrow!


mrs.mfc said...

That EOS lip balm is AMAZING!!!!!! I love love love love love love it!! I have three of the flavors currently. What types of drugstores do you have near you? And grocery stores? I have found them at CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, and Walmart. Around here, Walgreens was the first store to have them. I *think* there is a thing on the EOS website where you can locate stores who sell their products. It is worth the hunt!! My favorites are the sweet mint and the lemon drop.

meghan said...

I've never participated in Miscellany Monday, but this was the best one I've ever read. First, I think all the other girls should just leave the show. I mean, come on. He packed a picnic for her on the cocktail party night. Also, I really want one of those EOS lipglosses. I teach and all of the kids have it as well as other teachers. I just never remember to pick one up. There are SO many flavors that they have. The app on your phone, I'll look forward to the post. I get stressed easily, and I feel like it would stress me out if I had to push a button to say that I was going to sleep and then I would worry that it thought I had fallen asleep when I hadn't. Only I would worry about that.

What is WW Wednesday? Is it a link up? Can't wait.

Jennifer said...

Go check out because she just went to san diego and did lots of fun things. Also I wished we lived in the same town because I would totally go to the rodeo with you! Allen will be out of town for spring break on a baseball tournament trip so that would be so much fun! :(
Darn darn darn!

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