Friday, January 14, 2011

A new 0 point treat!

So, everyone knows I'm doing Weight Watchers now... I have been craving things to drink besides water and diet coke. I love orange juice but it's just too many points and the "light" kind just isn't the same. So, imagine my excitement when I saw I can have a Sonic Diet Cherry Limeaid for o POINTS!

You can have up to a medium for no points or a large or Route 44 for 1 point, which I will gladly use for one of these cups of yumminess.
Sorry, I couldn't wait to post this good news on Weight Watchers Wednesday... I'm just too excited :) I had to share it with all the others out there who might be doing Weight Watchers along with me.

(too bad the junior frito burrito wrap thingy I like isn't as low on the points scale...)


mrs.mfc said...

First, don't even mention that damn frito wrap... not fair in WW land!!! Hahahahaha!! Second, I had NO idea the diet cherry limeade is zero points for a medium!!! I think I will have one while I am out shopping this weekend :) Maybe I can even catch Happy Hour!

Alisha said...

Keep it up friend!! You'll reach your goal in no time :)

Laura said...

i used to do weight watchers and really should just go back... but not the point I used to make these banana muffins using the banana supreme cake mix and a can of pumpkin. just mix the two together and either back in tins or just in cake form. wonderful and high in fiber. they are about 3 pts a piece but are so worth it because they are devine. I used to have one for breakfast when I was in a hurry.

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