Monday, January 31, 2011

Sleep Cycle Alarm for iPhone

SO - I mentioned a couple of days ago that John convinced me to buy the Sleep Cycle app for the iPhone so here is my review on it after using it for a few nights.

John and I are both those people who set our alarm for like an hour before we actually have to get up and then we hit snooze every 9 minutes until we actually have to get up. The morning is the worst part of my day because I hate getting out of bed. Once I'm out of bed, I'm fine. It's the getting out from under the covers part that kills me.

So, John said he had been reading reviews about this app that is supposed to help you wake up easier because it wakes you up when you aren't in your deepest sleep. Now, in my head I'm thinking, how in the heck can the iPhone know when you are in your deepest sleep??

Who knows if it actually does or not, but $0.99 later, I have the app. And now to the point...
basically you first tell the app what the latest time it is that you want to get up. Then it takes 30 minutes before that and that's the earliest it will tell you to get up. You do a test with the phone/app to see which position is best in your bed to recognize your movements and then you're ready to set your alarm for the night. What happens is, it recognizes by your movements what stage of sleep you are in. Apparently your movements can tell the phone this?! So, if you're in a really deep sleep at that 3o minute mark it's not going to wake you up. It's going to wait until you start moving into your lighter sleep stages. If it gets to the time where you absolutely HAVE to wake up and you're still in the deep sleep, it's going to wake you up. You can still "hit" snooze if it wakes you up earlier than the time you have to get up, but it's a random snooze time, usually just 2 minutes or so, so you don't go back into that deep sleep. "Hit" is in quotes because all you have to do is move the iPhone and it snoozes.

So, do I think it works? I really don't know. I do wake up feeling more refreshed and don't have the urge to hit snooze like I have in the past. But, that might just be me hoping it's working so I don't feel like I wasted my $0.99! ;)

Some cons about the app:
- Once you set the alarm, you can't use your phone anymore. It's not IOS4 (is that the right term?) compatible so it can't run in the background. Which means if you hit the home button at all, it shuts the alarm off.
-The phone has to be in the bed with you charging. I have a docking station so I can't use that. Luckily my wall outlet is close enough to the bed where it can reach.
-The cats sleep with us so if it is actually registering movements, it could be registering theirs. They sleep right next to me on the edge of the bed which is very close to where the phone is.

Screen shots of my statistics for 3 nights...

What the screen looks like when you set the alarm...

Overall after a few nights of use, I'm still kind of 50/50 on this thing. It's got good things going for it, but also some cons that I pointed out.

Does anybody else have this alarm on their iPhone?


xoxo-Kristen said...

thanks for stopping by! i follow now too :)))

Lisa said...

I'm curious now. When it said you were awake at 2am in the third screenshot, were you really?

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