Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vegas Day 1 - 3

I have been a terrible blogger! I was off all week and I still didn't do any posts! So, here I am playing catch up!
December 17 was my last day at work for 2 whole weeks and we went to Vegas, celebrated Christmas with John's family in Katy, went to Ft. Worth for Christmas, rang in the new year with good friends and fireworks, and watched Texas Tech beat Northwestern in the Ticket bowl on New Years Day. And in between all that I had plenty of time to relax, sleep late, and just enjoy time off with my honey and my kitties!
Because I took so many pictures and had so much fun in Vegas, I'm going to split it up in to days and just post Day 1 and 2 for now! Here we go...
Our plane left Houston for Vegas at 7:30 in the morning and we arrived in Vegas around 9am.
We took a cab to our hotel and dropped our luggage off because we couldn't check in yet and made our way down to the MGM to pick up tickets for the KA show there.
The box office wasn't open yet so we had lunch at Wolfgang Puck's and saw the lion exhibit.
Very good Italian Sandwich
Of course we had to take some pictures of ourselves too...
We got our tickets to KA for that night and then headed back to The Encore to check in to our room. After some persuasion, we landed a sweet room on the 28th floor with an amazing view.

After a nap, we changed and got ready for a fancy dinner out at Botero, the steakhouse in our hotel and went and saw the Cirque Du Soleil show, KA, at MGM.

The best steak I've ever eaten

Our first Vegas drinks!

We called it a night after that because Dan and Maria had an early morning to meet her mom (her mom lives in Vegas.)

Day 2 -
The next morning John and I made our way out to do some sight seeing.
Inside the Palazzo/Venetian

$1 drinks!

Rainy and cold!

Taking a break in Paris to watch NFL

The newest hotel in Vegas... opened 3 days before we arrived

Christmas decorations inside The Bellagio

Inside The Encore

After our full day of sight seeing, we went back to the hotel to meet up with Dan and Maria and had dinner at The Wynn Buffet.

Made to order Crepes

After dinner, we got on the Monorail to go get our Fat Tuesday on and do more sight seeing.

How the night ended...

Day 3 -
We started the day with lunch at a pizza place in our hotel.

After lunch it was pouring down rain so we just had to stay put for a little while. We went back over to the Venetian because we didn't have to walk in the rain to get there then hung out in a lounge there to watch Monday Night Football until the rain let up.

After the rain let up, we took the bus down to the Sahara and had dinner at the Nascar Cafe. After we ate and looked around there, we took the bus down to Fremont Street!

Fremont street is always so fun!
Stay tuned for Days 4-5!

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Sarah Mina said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm bummed we weren't able to go with you guys this time around but we'll have to plan a group Vegas trip sometime soon!

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