Friday, January 28, 2011

When I was in middle school... weekends were filled with sleepovers, school dances, and writing love notes to boys. Gosh, I know I was middle school about 15 years ago, but boy, how the times have changed....

Because of HIPAA and FERPA and all the other laws out there I can't say much about my job, but lately, I've been in major shock of some of the things I'm seeing come in my clinic during the day.

What's up with all the piercings? Ok, I've gotten used to seeing the nose piercing but the lip? And these kids are piercing EACH OTHERS ears/lips/nose, etc... WTH? I had a girl come in recently and her friend had pierced her cartilage and it was infected. I have to scare them and say "listen, your ear is going to FALL OFF if y'all keep doing that crap."

And these bracelets?

I know this is just "the trend" right now, but these kids will come in (even boys) with these bracelets all the way up their arm. It's probably gang related and I'm just too dumb to know it, but I just think it's weird!

And the skinny jeans... oh don't get me started on the skinny jeans. Not really on girls so much, but on the boys.

I'm just not getting the whole rolled up skinny jean look on the guys.

And then there's the sagging. Luckily we have a dress code and the kids can't sag at school, but as soon as that bell rings, the pants are around the knees! GROSS.

My jaw nearly hit the ground when I saw this one the other day... Ya know how a lot of people are tattooing their wrists lately?

Well, apparently it has become cool to "tattoo" their boyfriend's name on their wrist. Except, they are not using ink, they are etching (for lack of a better term) the name in to their skin with a STAPLER! And they are doing it in class?! When I saw a girl with "Ricardo" scabbed on her wrist, I had to hide the shock on my face. Me being the nurse has to go in to a big spill about the risk of infection, and these kids could care less. We'll see how they like it when it gets infected ;)

And then there's the teen pregnancies.

I'm not gonna say much about this because I know there are circumstances. I know there are accidents. I know one of you reading this might be a teen mom or might have a sister who is a teen mom or know someone who is a teen mom. But, the stupidity of some of the girls is just mind boggling. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. There are so many free resources out there that I give them and yet they still don't take their pre-natal vitamins, still don't go get their ultrasounds, and never go for any pre-natal appointments. Ok, I'm off my soap box now :)

Are you a teacher in a middle school? If so, do you see the same things I do? This is crazy to me!


mrs.mfc said...

I can't imagine dealing with that stuff at work each day. It has to be tough when you're seeing that bad behavior but knowing that there really isn't much you can do about it. You're stronger than I am, that is for sure!

Laura said...

Some of this made me laugh because if I think back to when I was in Jr. High oh the things we wore and did. Ha some could have def wrote a post on it. but I agree I think Jr. High is a little young for the piercing and tattoos. My mom would have knocked me out if I let my friend give me a piercing on my face, or cut some guys name in my arm. That is just prue crazy.

Belle in the City said...

wowww..crazy! I can't stand the skinny jean on guys or the sagging..gross! and etching someone's name on your wrist? wth!!! so ridic!

Lisa said...

We weren't even allowed to have piercings other than one set in the ears in jr AND high school. CRAZY.

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