Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our weekend/Valentines Day

John and I had a fabulous weekend! We had so much fun together for Valentine's Day and got a lot of stuff done around the house as well.

So here's our weekend in pictures! :)

I got John the Cuisinart Keurig coffee maker for Valentine's Day. He has had the original Keurig for awhile, but it broke recently so I knew he would love this. He was super excited about it!

He couldn't wait to get it open and use it!

I never have to buy cat toys again after getting these boxes!

Nice and pretty on the kitchen counter

Friday night after we relaxed after work for a bit, we ventured to Costco and Lowes. We picked up some necessities at Costco like Coke Zero, bottled water, toilet paper and also got some steaks to cook for dinner. At Lowes we got some new door knobs to install on our front and back doors. You know you're getting old when Friday night fun is shopping at Costco and Lowes! :)

John decided to not grill the steaks this time and instead cook them on the stove in a cast iron pan... not a good idea! The whole house was filled with smoke and we realized that our smoke alarm didn't work after this incident! HA

He had to get a fan out!

Saturday morning we slept late, ate breakfast, and John spent the majority of the afternoon installing all of our new door knobs while I sat on the couch in my PJ's watching movies :)

our front door before

our new back door knobs

our new front door knobs... much better!

Then before I went up to get ready for our dinner, John gave me my Valentine's present...

my first little blue box!

Love it!!

We both got ready for our evening and went to dinner at an Italian food restaurant called Crapittos. It's in an old house in the Galleria area, and it was excellent. It was both of our first time there and we will be going back for more special occasions! It definitely was not good for my diet! ;)

After dinner, John took me to the Dessert Gallery to pick out a piece of cake to take home to enjoy. We should have gotten 1 to share, but we don't have the same tastes in dessert flavors. haha

Chocolate Euphoria for John and French Vanilla for me

The next morning we got up, went to church and then went out to lunch at Canyon Cafe. It was a gorgeous day in Houston so we got to enjoy our lunch on the patio.

John enjoying his beer on the patio of Canyon Cafe

We headed to the Galleria after lunch. The chain that came on my necklace that John got me wasn't as long as I would have liked so we went to Tiffany's to try to exchange it. Unfortunately they didn't have one the right length so we went to James Avery and they had the perfect length.

I love it :)

After some shopping we headed to John's parents for a Valentine's Dinner. Then it was back to work! :-/

At work yesterday I got several Valentines!

The true way to a nurse's heart... a hand sanitizer Valentine ;)

and surprise flowers from my sweetie!

I was going to cook dinner last night, but once we got home we decided to go out to dinner. We decided on a small Italian food place by our house called Palazzo's because we knew it wouldn't be crowded for Valentine's Day. More italian food and more dessert! YUM

My weigh in is NOT going to be pretty on Sunday! Oh well, it was all worth it for this fabulous weekend. I am so thankful for a man like John and so glad I got to spend Valentine's Day with him! I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

(in other news not related to Valentine's Day... Brad FINALLY got rid of Michelle!!)


Jennifer said...

that sounds like the perfect weekend and valentine's celebration!! He did good with the jewelry!

Kevin said...

i must be color blind because that box wasnt blue, it was light green. the inside looked blue but I wouldnt call the box blue.


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