Friday, February 4, 2011

Random post for a "snow day"...

Well, I got my wish. Yesterday afternoon HISD made the decision to cancel school for today! Unfortunately we have no snow to show for it! (I'll come back to that!)

Last night to prepare for the "storm" I stopped at the grocery store on my way home from work. I picked up some necessities and also got the ingredients to make some tortilla soup that John's mom shared with me. It was very good so I will share the recipe :) It's not too Weight Watchers friendly, but I had enough points left over for the day so it was ok!

Tortilla Soup:

30 oz green chili enchilada sauce
32 oz chicken broth
1 can rotel
1.5 lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts
1/2 lb bag frozen corn
1 can black beans (about 15 oz)

Put the 1st 3 ingredients in a large pot and bring to a boil
Add the chicken breast
Cook until chicken is done and then shred
Add shredded chicken, corn and beans to broth
Cook for another 10-15 minutes

Yields about 6 servings
9 Weight Watchers points+ per serving.
You can add some tortilla chips and shredded cheese to the top for more points.
(To me, it was a little too spicy so next time I might add some more chicken broth to tone it down and try to make it make 7-8 servings so it'll be worth less points.)

After dinner, John and I spent the evening watching American Idol, Greys, and then laughing our butts off at Jersey Shore.

Just a side note, seriously, I think this the one of the funniest shows. How do these kids function in real life? I just can't get over the ridiculousness of the show! :)

After our nightly TV we tuned in to the news, hoping the weatherman would say the snow would be coming soon (since they said it was going to be starting around 6pm anyway). They were still saying it was going to snow but later in the night. We went to bed thinking we'd be waking up to a white front yard. Instead, we found this....

Look at Cotton in the window ;)

The only evidence of a "snow day" in our backyard...

Yup, no snow :( Apparently the roads were bad this morning from ice, but I was really hoping for some snow. Oh well, John and I both got a 3 day weekend out of it and are getting stuff done around the house. (or I might still be in my pajamas wrapped up in a snuggie watching TV)

Tonight John and I are going with some friends to a Houston Aero's Hockey game and that'll be our outing for the day :) Hopefully the ice on the roads will be melted by then so we don't get stranded anywhere!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and for those of you who are up where it's snowing, stay warm! :)

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