Monday, February 7, 2011

What's on Savanah's phone

I've seen people do this on their blogs so I thought I would start doing it every once in awhile just to document what I'm taking pictures of on my phone :) I'm not linking up with anybody, I just think it's fun to look at back at everything and wonder why the heck you took the picture!

Cotton's favorite spot to "chill"

She did this all by herself...

Hiding under the covers

John watching a friends hockey game at the mall

At the Ft. Worth rodeo

My honey

A self portrait

Apparently she likes purses as much as me

Or maybe she just likes to sleep in them?

Do you think I have a Vera Bradley problem?


Belle in the City said...

oh my goodness your kitties are adorable!

Emily said...

Girl.. your self portrait is beautiful! You are one gorgeous girl! Also- I think you and I have the same problem... Vera Bradley!! Love it!

Lisa said...

Aww, love the kitty shots!

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