Monday, April 25, 2011

What's on Savanah's phone

I haven't done one of these in awhile and I have a bunch of pretty random pics on my phone that I want to share so here they are!

lovin' these gel manicures that last 2 weeks!

Easter gift from work...
it's the thought that counts ;)

an abandoned 2 week old kitty my friend found and needed a home
I might have cried when she told me they might have to put it down :(

John's sister had surgery so I took this "Speedy Recovery" cookie bouquet to their house Wednesday night when John was at school

another gel manicure. I went a tad bit crazy this time with purple ;)

Remember the post where I painted the cross at Mad Potter last weekend? Well they fired it and I was able to pick it up Thursday. I LOVED it!

Momma fixed my hair. I love having her in cosmetology school!

A "just because I don't get to see you as much as I want" gift from my momma!

I miss Chicken Express. Come to Houston... please!


Jessica said...

Gel manicures? I've never heard of them.... but I'm intrigued. Do tell!?

Meg O. said...

KITTIES! SO many kitty pictures I am so excited. And omg, please don't tell me they put that little baby down. I will cry.

sugarmouse said...

a cookie bouquet!? :D SO AWESOME! i don't think we get much of those here (in my country). also your hair looks grreat and your cats are uber cute!

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