Monday, May 16, 2011

An awesome weekend!

I had an awesome weekend! What about y'all?
We started off the weekend Friday night at the Astros vs. Mets game at Minute Maid Park...

 {wearin our blue and orange!}

                 {I heart David...}

 {David getting interviewed after the game}

 {Friday night fireworks}

Saturday morning I got up and went back out the pool for a couple of hours... It was a gorgeous day!

Then we went to meet John's family at a pool place to take pictures before Katie's prom... She is in the purple dress. 

 {John's parents}

After we left there we went back to Sprinkles and then dinner at Houston's.

After dinner we went to buy our tickets to see Bridesmaids and enjoyed our cupcakes in the car.
Bridesmaids was so funny. Y'all need to go see it :)

And Sunday I got to meet some of the fabulous H Town Blogger ladies! I didn't pull my phone out and take any pictures but I had so much fun! We ate and drank margaritas at Cafe Adobe then went to see Something Borrowed. Y'all need to go see that one too ;)

John left for Atlanta for work while I was at the movies and when I came home I found a cupcake he brought me home from Sweet, a little cupcake shop by our house. Isn't he so sweet?

 {yummy strawberry cupcake}

And then Cotton wanted to go outside....


So I let him roll around in the dirt for a little while :) 

 {he saw a bird}

Have a happy Monday y'all! 


Laura said...

I hate that I got sick and missed out! I seriously could not function yesterday. I was just so out of it. Glad you girls had fun.

tara said...

You're so cute! Glad you had a fun weekend and super happy we got to meet!

Heather said...

It was so good to finally meet you in person yesterday!

I love your picture of Cotton. Silly kitty!

And I'm dying for those cupcakes now. YUM.

Kelly Marie said...

Looks like an amazing weekend girl! SO glad I got to finally meet you! Can't wait to hang out again :)

Meg O. said...

Looks like an amazing weekend!! OMG that strawberry cupcake looks TDF. Srsly. And thank you so much for the Sprinkles gift card! That was too sweet of you. So glad to have finally met you! Looking forward to next time:)

Katie said...

It was great meeting you! That cupcake looks amazing. And I kinda want to snuggle with your cat in a non-creepy way.

Maura said...

so happy I got to meet you yesterday! can't wait to do it again and i LOVE that black and white striped dress. it's super cute!

Alex said...

Oh my gosh your cat is entirely too cute. And that name!! Love it. I'm so sad I missed out on the meet up yesterday. I was stuck in Baytown. Next time for sure!!

Meagan Byrd said...

I love, Love, Love your cute little black & white dress!

Heather said...

So glad you had a fabulous weekend! Bridesmaids looks hilarious!

Big Fat Gini said...

Oh. Em. Gee.

I heart Sprinkles. I would drive my fat hiney down to Houston just for a trip to Sprinkles. Yum!

Thanks for dropping in! :O)

Jennifer said...

You look amazing in these photos!! I seriously want your striped dress! Love it!

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