Thursday, June 9, 2011

Giveaways and a Blog Award!

There are 3 super fabulous giveaways going on right now that I just need to tell y'all about! Mainly just to get my extra entry to win - not so y'all will go enter! :)

First up is Amber's blogoversary giveaway! She is giving away a subscription to either Cosmo or Self plus a $20 giftcard to Target or Old Navy! Your choice!

Brunch With Amber

Next up  is Miranda's giveaway for a super cute monogrammed travel cosmetic bag! You get to pick your own colors too :)

And last is this amazing giveaway from Blair! Her and Langstons are teaming up to giveaway a pair of Lane's Boots! I have been needing a pair of brown 'cowgirl' boots so what's better than getting them free?!

Pretty awesome giveaways huh?

Kylee @ Uppercase Diva also gave me a blog award a couple of days ago! Thanks girl!!

So here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award by linking back to them in your post.
2. Tell us 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 or 16 recently discovered bloggers.
4. Contact those bloggers and let them in on the exciting news!

{I've done this before with a different award so I will try to think of some different things you might not know about me to tell y'all!}

1. I drink 3 or more diet sodas a day. Coke zero, diet coke, diet rootbeer, sprite zero, etc etc. Sue me

2. I am domestically challenged. I hate cleaning and I can't even cook a grilled cheese. John laughs when I ask if I can be a stay at home girlfriend.

3. I love sleep way more than a normal person should.

Source: via Huong on Pinterest

4. I have a new obsession with Twitter. Remember when I had the problem with facebook? Well I opened up a whole new can of worms...

5. I'm clumsy. I think I have mentioned this before. Like I've fallen down so many flights of stairs I can't keep track of them anymore and you will always find me with a bruise somewhere on my body!

6. I'm not really sure I want to have kids. Please dont kill me Mom. Babies are cute but I like to give them back to their momma when they cry or poop. And I was scarred after seeing multiple deliveries when I was in nursing school and worked in the hospital. If I'm not ready at almost 28 will I ever be ready?

7. I just cringed when I typed the #28 up there. Really, how can I be almost 28? eek.

And, I'm gonna tag EVERYONE! :)

Thanks again for the award Kylee!


Lacey said...

I am so with you on #2 & #6! I am a terrible cook, and I despise housework! And on the kid situation, when I tell people that they look at me like I just said I killed someone! Apparently in the South you're supposed to have a whole heard by age 24! If, and that's a big IF I do, it'll be in my mid-thirties..and it will just be one! Lol

Laura said...

You are not alone in the cringe when you type 2-8 (I refuse to put them together till its my actual age) I think its cause my dear husband is 6 months younger than me and reminds me all the time that I'm old.

Eboix said...

If it makes you feel better I will be 30 in December, and I am still not on the baby train! Oh and I am also very domestically challenged - I can cook a grilled cheese but not much else besides desserts - and folding laundry? Forget it!

Keeping up with Kindra said...

number 6 matches me perfectly!!!

Meg O. said...

Haha! Yeah.... I am the exact way with sleep!! Also, I just turned 28 and wow, it is weird! But let me tell you, you're only as old as you feel and I FEEL GREAT! See you tomorrow, sugar!

Holly said...

I am totally #3, #5, and #6. I sleep like 10 hours a day, I run into just about every door frame, and I am terrified of having kids. Cute post!

Amber said...

Thanks for posting about my giveaway! :)

I love me some Coke Zero, so yummy!

Michelle said...

Congrats on the award! Lots of great giveaways going on in the blog world! :)

Lisa said...

I can clean and it's okay but I can't cook and when I try, I HATE it. I hate grocery shopping and it just seems so expensive to cook and get all the ingredients when I can just have fruit or a frozen dinner or cereal.

I don't think I want kids, either. And I'm 27 next week. Wow, no more mid 20s for me.

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