Friday, July 29, 2011

H-Town Bloggers Meet Again!

Sunday was the monthly meet up of the H-town bloggers!

I was so excited to see the list of people coming this time. I think we had nearly 20 people there and I was so excited to meet all the new people, plus see all all my old frands. ;)

We met up at Max's Wine Dive for mimosas and brunch and let me tell you, this food was yumm-o!

I had the Red Velvet Pancakes with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting on top...

Here are the group shots of all us ladies...
(There were more than this but some left us a leetle early)

 Liz, Lauren, Me, Brynn

 Our table of 8...

 Brynn, Celia, Me, and Michelle


Through twitter we found even more H-town ladies! 

Megan and I were going to go to a movie Wednesday afternoon and then it turned in to a Happy Hour at Yardhouse with these new ladies!

 Lindsay and Me 

And guess what? 

Me and Stephanie are neighbors! Seriously we live across the street from each other! :)

I know I say this every time but I am so glad that I joined this group of ladies back in May for a meet-up even though I was scared walking in to the restaurant that day! 

I have made some great friends and can't wait for the next meet up with all these wonderful girls! 

If you are in Houston, come join us!!

{all pictures courtesy of Megan and Megan}

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jamaica Days 5 & 6

Our last full day there I didn't want to do anything but sit by the pool :) Can you blame me with the awesome weather Jamaica has?? ;)

 {John with this Bob Marley mug he got from the flea market}

 {appleton rum and rum cake!}

 {they served the beer in these little pitchers}

{and the cokes too}

After our day in the sunshine, it was back up to the room for getting ready for dinner, but not after watching our last Jamaican sunset... 

 {our dinner the last night was in this building}

 {we figured out our timer on the camera!}

 {cordon bleu from The Grill}

The next day we had to get up early and pack but not before we took advantage of the last bit of our all inclusive and had breakfast in the buffet.

 {fresh juice and smoothies; they had the best OJ!}

After breakfast we had about an hour to kill before our shuttle picked us up so we took some last minute pictures on the balcony before heading to the airport.
(John had control of the camera from here on out! ha)

 {bye bye hotel!}

 {John's last red stripe at Margaritaville in the airport}

 {our waiter was so nice and offered to take our last Jamaican picture!}

 {excited to go home and see the kitties!}

{bye bye Jamaica! We'll be back!}

I hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures and hearing about my trip! 
In the next few days I'll do a little review of our hotel and Jamaica in general for those of you who have asked about it.

I've also gotten a lot of new followers recently so I was thinking about doing an 'ask me anything' post so if you have any questions for me, send them my way! You can email them or put them in the comments! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jamaica Days 3 & 4

Our 3rd day there was really no different than the day before, breakfast at the buffet then back down to the pool!

After another lunch at the buffet, we went back up to the room for a little break from the sun and we looked outside and there was a wedding going on! You can see the bride walking down the aisle in this pic! 

After our short rest in the room we went down to the beach for a little bit. I just wasn't impressed with the beach at our hotel so we were literally there for 30 minutes then left and went back to the pool.

After a little more time at the pool, we went back up to the room, showered and went back to dinner at the buffet. Do you see a trend? ;) 

 {a random kitty at the resort}

After dinner it was back up to the room for an early bedtime because we were so exhausted from the day in the sun and we had an early day the next day.... 

The 4th day there we went on a tour to Ocho Rios to the Coyoba Gardens, shopping and the famous Dunn's River Falls! 

 {the entrance to our hotel while we were waiting on our bus}

 {Coyoba Gardens}

 {avocado tree}

 {another kitty at the gardens}

After the gardens the bus took us to a traditional Jamaican "flea-market". John thought Mexico was worse when it came to them hounding you, but I thought these ladies were BAD! They definitely wanted to make a sale! 
These little statues were everywhere... Not sure what the Jamaican's fascination with them is... 

After the flea market, the bus took us to a little area of duty free shops. We stopped in a little cafe and had a red stripe and some traditional Jamaican food and it was THE BEST food we had the whole trip! We also stopped in one of the duty free shops for some Jamaican Appleton Rum and some Carribean Rum Cake!

{keylime rum cake}

After the shops, it was finally time for Dunn's River Falls. Seriously this was SO fun. Anyone who goes to Jamaica must do this! Luckily we took a water camera so I got some great shots!

 {the tour guide made John wrap his arms around me and then they pushed us in the water backwards. John is underneath me in this pic!}

We actually made it up with minimal injuries ;) 
John was so worried about me falling down and busting my head open he actually tripped and scraped his wrist! I had a small knot/bruise on my shin from hitting a rock under water. So worth it though! 

After our trip, it was back to the hotel and back down to the pool... I had to use up the rest of my water camera so I have a lot of random pics of us in the pool... 

Then it was time for getting ready again... We went upstairs and watched the sunset from the balcony and got ready for our fancy dinner at the Italian restaurant!

 After dinner we went back to the "Pueblo Prinicpe" for the karaoke night. 

 {the sports bar}

And that was the end of Day 4. 

Day 5 & 6 up tomorrow!
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