Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Guest Blogger - Brittany!

Next up for my guest bloggers is Brittany! I recently found Brittany's blog and love reading it and following her on Twitter, hope y'all enjoy her too! 

Good day ladies (and possibly gentlemen?). 

My name is Brittany from Brittany's Blessings and I am honored to be guest posting today while Savanah is on vacation in Jamaica!  (lucky duck!) 

Savanah gave me free reign to post about whatever my little heart desires. I have pondered numerous topics, but I feel like sharing something that I come across often and that really grinds my gears (name that show). 
So today we will discuss my biggest pet peeve!  

Let me just preface by saying that I am generally a very positive person. I love to find the positive in things and people...BUT there is one teeny tiny thing that will make me snap in a second: loud chewing, chomping, smacking of food and/or gum!  I'm not just talking about "Oh can you please chew with your mouth closed?". I'm more of the person that will leave the room if someone has food entering their mouth. Same goes for gum. I can't handle it. 

Exhibit A: My mom pops her gum when she chews it. She does not do it to bother me, it just happens (naturally?) the way she bites down on it. Growing up I can remember crying (yes, crying!) when I would see her put gum in her mouth. I couldn't stand it. I remember when I was about 10ish and we drove from Arkansas to California, a lovely 24 hour drive.  My mom was chewing gum in the car and of course there was nowhere I could go so I started crying because of it.  I can't recall a time lately that I've cried from gum chewing, but the thought runs through my head!

 Exhibit B: My poor husband can barely open his mouth to enjoy a nice dinner without me telling him to be quiet as he chomps down on his spaghetti or chicken. More times than not, I will scarf down my dinner quickly so I can leave the room as he finishes his.  And there HAS to be some kind of noise in the background while eating.  Yes, I'm a bad wifey. I don't know how he puts up with me ;) 

 I have been in many situations where I'm stuck eating food with strangers or people I am not comfortable with telling them to close their mouth when they chew. This results in my blood boiling and perspiration in places I didn't even know exist. I do everything in my power from hitting things and screaming out loud. The things that go through my head are bad, real bad. It's scary. I know that I need help. If anyone has a good psychiatrist they can suggest to me--feel free ;).

There is ONE exception that comes along with this and his name is Louie. Louie is my precious, precious furbaby who does no wrong (duh!). He has the sweetest little teeth and I find it quite adorable when he chomps on his little food out loud. He's just too cute. 

Hopefully y'all don't think I'm too much of a lunatic. I promise that I'm pretty normal aside from this problem, per say, of mine.  Feel free to stop by my blog and say hi! ...just don't bring your food or gum along ;).

Thanks Brittany!! 


[SMASH] said...

Great guest post! I feel your pain... My best friend & college roomie used to chew with her mouth open. In our tiny shoebox-of-a-room dorm, it was unbearable!

Meg O. said...

Yes, I think you're quite a lunatic. ;) Kidding! I hate chomping, too. I'm not sure that I've ever cried because of it but I will make a comment if it is that bad.

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