Monday, July 11, 2011

My Style Monday

While I'm having fun in Ft. Worth, I thought I would go ahead and schedule a post for one of my favorite linky's!

My Style Monday

Friday lunch with friends

Top - NY&Co
Shorts - Levi's via Costco
Shoes - Gap
Necklace - Silpada
Bracelet - NY&Co


 Top - NY&Co
Shorts - Old Navy
Shoes - Guess via Macy's
Bracelet - NY&Co
Necklace - Fluer de Lis Key via Tiffany

Dinner with John

Top - Old Navy
Shorts - Old Navy
Shoes - Coach via Macy's
Bracelet - NY&Co
Necklace - Fleur de Lis Key via Tiffany

Happy Monday y'all! I should be back Wednesday with some regular blogging! :) 


[SMASH] said...

All very cute and easy!

Meg O. said...

I like the white shorts! Cute

Heather said...

Such cute outfits, but dang girl, you're TAN!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Thanks for linking up. I love those first shoes. And I'm going to see NKOTBSB in two weeks! Whoo hoooooo!

Amber said...

Love how comfy & cute you look!

Dreams2011 said...

You look so cute. Love the outfits!

tara said...

i wish i looked as cute in shorts as you do!!

Neely said...

Love that striped shirt!

Holly said...

Those GAP sandals are too cute!

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