Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Blog Challenge - Day 10

I'm linking up with Neely and Amber for the last day of the Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge! 

Here are the topics: 

Monday September 19th: Fall traditions
Tuesday September 20th: Fall clothes/trends/makeup
Wednesday September 21st: What do you do for Halloween/a Halloween memory
Thursday September 22nd:Fall decorating
Friday September 23rd: Things you are looking forward to for fall
Monday September 26th: Fall TV shows(new, returning)
Tuesday September 27th: Fall recipes
Wednesday September 28th: Fall travel/road trips
Thursday September 29th: Favorite Football pastimes....assuming you like that sort of thing :) 
Friday September 30th: Thanksgiving memories

So today...

Thanksgiving Memories! 

I honestly can't remember 1 particular Thanksgiving that stands out the most. I just love being with my family for the whole weekend. 

Here are some pictures from the last few years with my family at Thanksgiving! 

 [Thanksgiving 2008 - all the cousins with Grannie}

 {Thanksgiving 2008}

{ICE at the Gaylord}

{Thanksgiving weekend 2009}

What are you favorite Thanksgiving Memories? 


Neely said...

ICE is so fun!

Michelle said...

My favorite thanksgiving memory is when my whole family was over at our house and we had the fireplace going and we were all talking about random things. It was the randomness that made it so fun and you could look around the room and feel the love. I love thanksgiving. It is probably my favorite holiday!!!

Amber said...

One of my fave holidays! Love the pics.. I'm hoping I can talk Nate into going to ICE this year :)

Lil' Woman said...

I loved ICE at Gaylord's amazing the creations they make.

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