Friday, December 2, 2011

Black Friday Finds!

I am NOT the person getting up at 5am to go shopping on Black Friday. 

Nothing against those of you that do, but I'd rather pay regular price than fight the crowds! :)

We did brave the crowds later in the day last Friday and I came out with a few finds! 

UGGs Button Bailey Triplet 

I've been dying for a pair of UGGs but because of my fat calves, I've never been able to wear them. We went into a store for my sister to get some and my mom MADE me try these on. I didn't want to take them off!!! They were so comfortable and actually fit around my calves! These weren't on sale, but were tax free so I did save some $$. These were a Christmas present from my momma! She let me take them home early since I won't see her before we leave for NYC. And you know I HAVE to have these for NYC!! 

The Northface Oso Hoodie

I've been dying for a new Northface jacket as well. I have one already, but it's very lightweight and hot pink. Doesn't exactly go with everything and it ain't gonna do good for NY! So, I picked this one up! I love it! 

Leopard TOM's via Nordstrom

Did I need another pair of TOMS? No. But when they still had these in my size, I had to have them. Y'all, they have fur on the inside! Um, yes please! These are a Nordstrom exclusive design and were just released on black Friday! 

And my favorite purchase...

This Fossil cross body via Macy's

And this is sure proof that I have a problem. And the reason why I had the blog sale yesterday. I love this purse. It's big enough to hold my camera too so it'll be perfect for NY! It wasn't on sale but Macy's had a 20% off coupon plus I had my $20 Macy's gift card from Klout! 

Don't worry, I didn't just shop for myself. I picked up some Christmas gifts too! ;) 

Did y'all find any good Black Friday deals? 


Meg O. said...

How cute! I love the TOMS!

Jennifer said...

I love it all! You shop like I would if I had the $$!

Jamie said...

I got those Uggs for "Christmas" this year too! (early Christmas). Love them

Jamie said...

I got those Uggs for "Christmas" this year too! (early Christmas). Love them

Jamie said...

I got those Uggs for "Christmas" this year too! (early Christmas). Love them

Janna Renee said...

As soon as I saw the Tom's with FUR I tagged them on my husband's FB wall...It's Never too late for more Christmas presents ;)

Greetings from Texas! said...

There's that bag I was loving today! So cute! Nice meeting you!

Cynthia said...

So nice finally meeting you today! Loved the bag :).

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