Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My 5 Day Weekend!

Oh, the joys of working for the school district! 

I had a wonderful 5 day weekend!! I was definitely not ready to return to work on Monday! 

BUT, I was horrible at taking pictures :(

Here are the pictures I did capture...

Wednesday night we went to John's parents and got to see both of his sisters that had come home from college.... 

Thursday morning John and I got up early and drove to Ft. Worth. We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family at my Grannie's house Thursday afternoon and watched football the rest of the evening. 

Friday me, mom and Celie drug John with us to do some black Friday shopping. No, we were not up and out of the house at 5am. In fact we didn't even leave until after 1pm :) I got lots of new things that I'll share with you later this week!  We had dinner at one of John's favorite places, BoneDaddy's. They REALLY need to bring one of these to Houston!

Saturday we picked our friends up at their hotel and went to Arlington to have lunch at Babe's...

{if you ever visit DFW, you MUST eat here!!!}

...And then to Cowboy's Stadium for some Tech/Baylor football!

{I got to see Kindra again!}

{and I finally got to meet Laura and Amber!}

It was a VERY exciting game, but unfortunately ended up in a Tech loss. 

Sunday morning we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel before leaving town then headed HOME! 

The kitties greeted us at the door and to our surprise the Christmas tree was still standing and in 1 piece ;)

It was so nice to spend 3 whole days with my family and John!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and weekend as well!!

{And only 2 1/2 more weeks till Christmas Break!}



Meg O. said...

What a fun weekend home!! Glad you got to meet/see some DFW bloggers, too!

Jennifer said...

I'm so sad I missed seeing you :(
There wasn't any time off from family stuff but I'm not complaining about that one bit since I'm staying home until Christmas break!

Can't wait to see your shopping haul!

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