Thursday, March 31, 2011

No place like 'home'

While John was in New Orleans this past weekend celebrating Matt's last night of freedom at his bachelor party, I got on a plane and headed north to Ft. Worth.
Friday night when I got in to town I went with my mom and Tim to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Saturday morning the girls got up and got mani/pedis and then we went out to Grapevine to take my nephews to ride Thomas the Train. They had the tarantula train 'dressed up' as Thomas.


'Cowboy' and Jared

After the train ride we walked around the area they had set up. There was a petting zoo, a magician, music, carnival food and other fun stuff to do. Me and my sister being the big kids we are jumped in the petting zoo and couldn't resist the new baby pot belly pigs!

There was also this blacksmith shop set up that was actually started by my great grandfathers brother.

And of course we had to take full advantage of all the other photo props out there!

I had some problems getting up! ;)

Saturday night we went out to dinner with the family in Grapevine then went back to the house and watched a movie. Sunday morning my mom made waffles, we did a little shopping, then had dinner at my Grannie's house with the whole family before my plane left to head back to Houston.

Everytime I go home it makes me miss it even more and makes me want to move back there so bad.

Don't worry momma. I'll be back one day! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3 years...

John -
I know you thought you got jipped last week when I wrote a big long paragraph about Pixie and nothing about you, but this is why :) I told you you would get a special post all to yourself soon so here it is!

March 2008 -
March 29, 2008 was the best day of my life so far. You took me to eat Italian food and then to the zoo for our first date. After our date you dropped me back off at my apartment and I should have known then that when you wanted to see me again later that night, that we would be inseparable. We had our first kiss at my apartment that night ;) We also realized you were allergic to cats... When you loaded up on claritin and zyrtec the next day so you could come over again is when I absolutely knew you were here to stay for awhile!

April 2008 -
A couple of weeks after our first date, you invited me over to your house for the first time and I met your roommates and most of your friends for the first time that night. The next weekend I had a trip planned to Ft. Worth and I trusted you to cat sit for me. I should have known then you were going to be great daddy to my babies ;) You also left me flowers at my apartment for when I got home!

May 2008 -
We took our first "trip" together and spent a weekend in San Antonio on the riverwalk. We took another weekend trip to DFW where you met most of my family for the first time at the lakehouse. I met your family that same Sunday. We also said our first "I love you's"

June 2008 -
You supported me as I had the Lasik surgery I had been wanting and even had flowers delivered to my apartment as a "test" for my new eyes :)

July 2008 -
You took me to my very first Met's game! Who would have thought I would be just as big a fan as you now?

August 2008 -
We took our first real vacation together. We both got to experience Vegas for the first time together :)

Labor day weekend 2008 -
You took me on our first 8 hour road trip to Lubbock! It was my first Texas Tech football game too.

September 2008 -
You left for England and were gone for over 2 weeks. This was our first very long time away from each other and when I realized I didn't think I could live without you. I met you in Orlando at the end of your trip and we got to experience Disney World together!

October 2008 -
I celebrated my first birthday with you at PF Changs and you got me a heart bracelet from James Avery :)

November 2008 -
Our first Thanksgiving together! We spent it in Ft. Worth with my family and you got to eat at Joe T. Garcia's for the first time and we got to go to the Gaylord and see ICE

December 2008 -
I got robbed :( However this showed me exactly what kind of partner you will be during the bad times, not just the good. When I called you hysterical, you immediately left your friends at the Rockets game to be with me, stayed up with me through the night trying to get things put back together and even took off work the next day to help me get through it. You also let me stay at your house for the next 2 weeks until I could get into another apartment. You were my hero during this time. We also had our first Christmas together at your parents house. I had to work but I got to spend Christmas Eve with you and your family. We had our first New Years Eve together too!

January 2009 -
I took you to your first of many rodeos and we traveled to Dallas to watch Texas Tech play in the last Cotton Bowl.

February 2009 -
We celebrated our first Valentines Day together with dinner at Perry's. I also lost my job this month. You supported me through everything I went through. Another example of how you will be able to get me through our bad times.

March 2009 -
We celebrated your birthday for the first time together, we celebrated our first anniversary and you got me my very first pair of diamond earrings! :)

April 2009 -
You took me to see the Wizard of Oz. Even though you hated it, you suffered through because you knew I would love it!

May 2009 -
Our trip to Chicago with good friends

Summer 2009 -
We had a lot of fun this summer. We went back to Vegas, I took you to see Incubus, we went to a lot of baseball games, including 2 more Met's games, we took a trip to Ft. Worth, and had many dinners with friends

Fall 2009 -
We took 2 more trips to Lubbock for the Rice game and for the OU game, we went to the renaissance festival, and had lots of Tech game watching parties with friends. We also did a lot of house searching during this time.

October 2009 -
You supported me as I took a big step and quit the hospital setting and started in the school. You finally closed on our first house!

November 2009 -
Because you love them so much, you finally let the kitties move in with you! We also got to see Tech beat Baylor in the new Cowboy stadium.

December 2009 -
We traveled to New York with your family. I got to meet all of your extended family for the first time. We celebrated Christmas with your family there and we also got to experience New York City at Christmas together for the first time!

February 2010 -
I surprised you with a trip to Cancun for your all-in-one Valentines Day/Birthday/Anniversary gift. We celebrated Valentines day at Vic and Anthonys

March 2010 -
Your mom and dad met my mom and sister for the first time during Spring Break. We also took our first trip out of the country together. We celebrated your birthday and our 2nd anniversary in Cancun!

May 2010 -
We officially moved in together. This was a true test to our relationship. We were able to combine our things and you even let me decorate and we both survived ;)

June 2010 -
We took another trip to Ft Worth for my sisters graduation and I took you to your first Rangers game

July 2010 -
We spent 4 days at a beach house in Port Aransas with friends

October 2010 -
Our families meet again and Tim gets to meet your parents for the first time. Another birthday for me celebrated at Cyclone Anayas and more Tech game watching parties

December 2010 -
We took another trip back to Vegas and you got to be with my family for the first time on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning

February 2011 -
We celebrated another Valentines day at Crappitos and also got to take a long weekend trip to San Diego

March 2011 -
You suffered through another rodeo with me and we had a fabulous time celebrating your birthday with friends bowling. And here we are celebrating our 3 year anniversary today!

3 years ago today was truly the best day of my life. I honestly don't know what I did to deserve a man like you. You are my best friend, my soul mate, the man of my dreams... These past 3 years have been absolutely incredible and I am so lucky that I get to wake up next to you every day. I love you more and more each day and I can't wait to see what God has in store for us!

Happy Anniversary, Babe!!

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