Monday, January 16, 2012

Phone Photo Fun!

Happy Monday y'all! 

In case you missed the news on Thursday, I have a brand new co-host for the weekly phone linkup. 

Welcome Ashlee

We also have a brand new button and name thanks to Meg

So, I hope you'll grab the new button and show us the pictures you have on your phone from the week!

{she thinks she can catch the treadmill belt}

{Saturday was a beautiful day for a tennis game!}

{Seriously LOVE when she sits with her paws like this!!}

I'm also still participating in the January Photo a day challenge from Fat Mum Slim's blog so here's the pictures from Day 8-15.

{Day 8 - My sky}

{Day 9 - Daily Routine}

{Day 10 - Childhood - a scar from the iron that happened at 9 mo. old}

{Day 11 - Where I sleep}

{Day 12 - closeup}

{Day 13 - in my bag}

{Day 14 - What I'm reading}

{Day 15 - happiness}

Come link up and show us what's on your phone this week!


Michelle said...

Love the new button and blog design! Meg is awesome!

There's Cake in my Future is one of my favorite books! It's just so fun and entertaining!!

tara said...

Savanah, you look gorgeous in that last pic! :)

Michelle said...

I agree with Tara!!! You look beautiful!!! And I loved that video you posted on twitter! It was SO CUTE!!!!!

Jessica Renee said...

Your new blog design is sooo pretty, I can't get over it!!

love the kitty pics! Happy monday :)

Christina said...

Aww, your kitties are all so cute! Your weather was gorgeous!

Amy Powell said...

that's all so much fun! your cats are very cute :)

Emily said...'s so rare to stumble on another blogger that's adores kitties as much as me. That said - your cats are adorbs. I love every photo.

Confessions of a Single Mommy said...

I'm your newest follower. Your blog is so cute! I'll be linking up soon!

Katie said...

Love the new button! And omg-- your cats are too cute. :)

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