Thursday, April 5, 2012

Let's Go Mets!

I know I probably post this same thing every year, but John and I love New York Mets baseball. 

I had no idea when I met John what I was getting in to with his love for Mets baseball, but lucky for him, I've learned to love the Mets *almost* as much as him!! 

We've never been to a game in NY together, but we go every year when they play the Astros here in Houston. Usually we even go to more than 1 of the games! 

Today is the Met's home opener so our TV will be converted to all baseball, all the time. I never thought I would get excited about this day every year!! 

Here are pics through the years of all of our trips to the Mets games!





What's your favorite baseball team??


Courtney said...

My husband and I are HUGE KC Royals fans. In fact, that's one of the first things we bonded over when we met :)
Now, we're not always really thrilled with what goes on during games, but we still love them anyways. We feel it's makes us more down-to-earth to root for a team that loses 70% of the time HAHA. I have family in KC, so it's really easy to drive up there and stay with family when we go to catch a game.

KH said...


Kaela said...

Hate to do it (well, no not really) but, LET'S GO PHILLIES!!!! ;)

Whitney said...

I wish that my hubby was into sports! He doesn't watch ANY of them. (He even asked me if the Texans played Clemson, a college team... uh....) But baseball is my FAVORITE sport!! And my team is the Braves :) I'm starting to like to Texans too, since we live here!

Nichole said...

I'm SOOO happy baseball is back! We're Rays fans here :)

Kylee said...

So cute!!! Go Pirates!!!

Christina said...

Great pictures! My family is a total baseball family and my husband hates it. Hahaha. I’m all about the Seattle Mariners!

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