Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bloggers I'd Love to Meet!

You know those bloggers that you've made a connection friendship with through the internet? Yeah, these are those girls for me.

I've been reading Ashlee's blog for a long time. But we didn't really connect until the twitter days. When I wrote this post, Ashlee sent me a message on twitter and from then on, I felt like we've had a connection. She was a faithful linker upper for my Fun With Our Phones linkup so when I needed a new co-host for the new Phone Photo Fun Linkup, I didn't have to think very hard about who I was going to ask! I've followed her through her engagement and now wedding and can't wait to hear what God has in store for them! And? She loves cats. I think Bella and Lucy are long lost sisters. Now I just have to figure out how to convince John that we need to take a vacation to Nebraska ;)

 Oh Lacey. I've been following her blog *almost* from the beginning. I remember I was so happy when I found out she had a twitter so we could connect more! I just love her style and wish I could raid her closet! And her pink, sparkly, animal print blog design? Um, sounds like we could be best friends right? Like Ashlee, I've followed her through her engagement and now wedding. I need to take a trip to Arkansas so I can meet this girl, stat!

 I *almost* got to meet Michelle when I went to NY in December! I was so disappointed it didn't work out. I started following Michelle's blog after I joined twitter and "met" her on there. Michelle just seems so down to earth and SO nice. She's from NY and loves country music.... so cool right? I HAVE to meet this Jason Aldean loving girl ASAP! Hopefully I can convince her to come to Texas to see Jason Aldean at the rodeo next year?

Well obviously I love her because of her name, right? Savannah's blog was one of the first one's I followed. I've followed her through college graduation, her wedding and now starting her life with her husband. Her and Josh's story is just amazing and I love to hear how God is working in their lives. Her faith shows in her writing and inspires me every time that I read to be more like her. I also enjoy following her families adoptions in China. She has 2 adopted sisters and 1 adopted brother from China that are just too precious! I will make it to Georgia one day (other than just a layover!) to meet this girl!

Do y'all know Sarah? Well you should. She is an absolute sweet heart. She even sent me a Christmas Card!! Sarah is another Georgia girl who I would love to meet. I haven't followed her blog a long time and I believe I "met" her through twitter as well. I love reading her blog every day! She always seems so happy and her smile is just contagious! She got engaged in December just like me and is getting married December 22nd, only a few days after me! I can't wait to hear about her and Brice's new life together! 

And just because you aren't on this list, doesn't mean I don't want to meet you. If any of you reading this are ever traveling to Texas you better get your butt to Houston and come say hi to me ;) 


Krystal said...

What a super cute blog post idea!

Ashlee Miller said...

I am convincing Paul that we need to take a trip to Houston! I would love to come visit and really experience Texas!!! I heart you!

Sarah said...

You are so sweet! I would love to meet you as well!! You and John just need to come to GA! :)
<3 you!

Michelle said...

This was the sweetest post EVER!!!! I'm so honored to be on this list along with all these other fab bloggers!! I feel so bad we didn't get to meet when you were here!!!!!! I'm definitely planning to head to Texas! I definitely want to head to the rodeo but even if Jason isn't there, I still want to head out there and meet you!!!! :)

XOXOX <3 <3 <3

Lacey said...

People like you are the reason I am so glad that I became a blogger! I hope one day that we actually do get to meet, I know we would have such a great time! Thanks for mentioning me in this awesome post, I'm so fortunate to call you a blog friend :)

Britney said...

This is such a great post! I think so many other people have found similar friendships! I just might have to barrow this idea... I love it ;)

Shayla said...

What a sweet, SWEET blog post!!!

I love how we can see your compassion and caring heart through the affirming words you gave to your friends :D


Jessica Renee said...

I love this post! It's amazing how blogging (and Twitter-ing :) has brought us all new friends! I would LOVE to meet you and Ashlee for sure! ;)

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