Monday, June 4, 2012

Phone Photo Fun!

Ashlee and I are back for...

Link up and come play along with us!

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This week I'm going to share my May Photo Challenge pics! 

Day 1 - Peace, Rest in peace sweet boy
Day 2 - skyline - downtown Houston
Day 3 - Something I wore
Day 4 - Fun!, having fun with my sister in Ft. Worth

Day 5 - bird, part of my mom's owl collection
Day 6 - you, picture of me :)
Day 7 - Someone that inspires me, the 2 strongest women I know
Day 8 - Smell I adore, mens deodorant 

Day 9 - Something I do every day, Miss Ft. Worth
Day 10 - Favorite word
Day 11 - Kitchen, sign hanging above our kitchen window
Day 12 - Something that makes me happy

Day 13 - mum, love being a mom to these 2 girls
Day 14 - grass, Lucy loves playing in the monkey grass
Day 15 - Love
Day 16 - What I'm reading, finally jumped on the 50 Shades bandwagon

Day 17 - Snack, Kitties love their afternoon snack
Day 18 - Something I made - carry on bag I made for our wedding flight!
Day 19 - a favorite place, Lucy's favorite place is on the zebra blanket
Day 20 - something I can't live without, a pedicure

Day 21 - Where I stand - Where I stand when I cook dinner
Day 22 - Pink, hot pink tshirt
Day 23 - technology
Day 24 - something new - rose gold fossil bracelet

Day 25 - Unusual - it's unusual that my left leg and foot are swollen 
Day 26 - 12:00, folding laundry
Day 27 - something sweet
Day 28 - weather, perfect weather for a pool day

Day 29 - a number, wedding countdown!
Day 30 - your personality, very clear representation of my personality, goofy and all smiles
Day 31 - beautiful, still can't believe John put this beautiful ring on my finger

What's on your phone this week?


Nichole said...

hehe, #30 is a cute pic!

Melonie said...

Always love all your kitty pictures! :)

Christa said...

Your ring is gorgeous!

Amber said...

You always look so adorable! :)

Jessica Renee said...

Love all your pics! I've never started the photo a day because I know I'll never keep up with it! ha

Ashlee Miller said...

I love men's deodorant smell too! Actually just men's smell in general! Great pictures this month!

Amber said...

Ugh... I so forgot to link up with you! Post was typed, posted (scheduled), and then I knew I was forgetting something! My head has not been in the game lately! But there is always this week :)

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