Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear Gulf Shores:
I can't wait to see you in exactly 2 weeks! 

Dear Etsy Sellers:
It'd be nice if you would send me some sort of "thank you", "I got your order", or something after I place an order. I shouldn't have to message you to make sure you received it. 

Dear Etsy:
You have been stealing my money lately. Yeah, I'm pushing the 'buy' button, but it's because everything is just too dang cute!

Dear Cleaning Lady:
Thank you for coming today. You made my week a whole lot easier!

Dear Rain:
Can you please go away for just 1 day?? I need some sun shine in my life! You've made your presence every day for the past 2 weeks and it's just too dreary around here!

Dear Emily:
Thanks for making my work days go by fast with our non stop g chats. And thank you for working on something for me for the wedding!! ;)

Dear Jenn:
Thanks for telling me about Jewlery Nut Auctions on Facebook. Well, not really. I have spent entirely too much time and money on there watching jewelry auctions! ha

Dear Mom:
Can't wait for you to be here next Thursday to plan the shower and work on wedding stuff

Dear John:
I love you! 

Happy Friday! 


Whitney @ I Wore Yoga Pants said...

Loved all of your letters. Especially that sweet last one. <3

Emily said...

awwww I do what I can! Our gchats make the day goes by much faster!

Jasmine Pettaway said...

These are great... TGIF!

Kristine said...

You and John are so dang presh :) I am so jealous you are going to Gulf Shores! It's definitely on my travel to-visit list!

Tickled Pink said...

Your etsy comment is spot on... It is so easy... I get in way too much trouble!

Lauren said...

loveee your dress! I need to come raid your closet!

Pamela said...

It has rained here every single day for like freakin' everrrrr too! i'm sick of it, ha!

Katie said...

Omg, etsy is sucking me in too!! But I've never not gotten a response when I bought something. That's not cool.

Amanda Haney said...

Growing up we had a condo in Gulf Shores, I loved going there!! And your dress in that pic with John is so cute!!

Meghan said...

That dress is fierce! Looking cute, girl!

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