Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Taka

2 wedding posts in a row!! :)  

This wedding was of our good friends Maria and Dan. Taka is Dan's nickname so when we were standing out side after the wedding was over, someone said, "Oh we can call her Mrs. Taka now!" So, that's where the title of the post came from! :) 
John and I were both in the wedding so I don't have any pictures from the ceremony, just the before and after. 

Saturday before the rehearsal, all the bridesmaids and the bride met up for mani and pedis and brunch...

There was a break between the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner so we went home, got changed and packed up for our sleepover :) 

At the rehearsal dinner...

{Summer and Kevin}

{us and the bride and groom}

Most of Maria's family is in Hawaii so they "leid" everyone :)


{Dan: "Kiss my nuts"}

Sunday morning the hair/makeup lady met us at Summer's house where we all spent the night and started on everyones hair. 

Then we went up to the wedding location and enjoyed our yummies in the bridal suite.

{gorgeous dress}

No pics from the ceremony so here are the ones I have from the reception!

And this is what happens when you get a bunch of Red Raiders in a room...


Beautiful wedding, beautiful couple! 

We're next! ;)


Jodi said...

The bridesmaids dresses are very pretty. I like the color and the one shoulder strap. Your tan/burn is fine! You can't even tell you had a burn. Love the braid in your hair too!!

Katie said...

Oooh I LOVE your hair and bridesmaid dress! You and the Mr. make a lovely couple!

Meghan said...

What a gorgeous wedding! I love your wedding hair!

Wil Harris said...

Those bridesmaids dresses are really cute and I love how you have a braid in your hair.
Beautiful wedding!

Shayla said...

the wedding dress is so pretty!

I <3 the purple!

Vicki said...

The bridesmaid dresses were so pretty! I love the colors of this wedding! The lilac and the grey/silver are so nice! :)

Ashlee Miller said...

Love the bridesmaid dresses!

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