Monday, July 2, 2012

Phone Photo Fun!

Ashlee and I are back for...

Link up and come play along with us!

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I can't believe it's already July!!! 

Which means I have another month of photos to show y'all from June Photo a Day!

Day 1 - morning, my morning schedule visiting schools
Day 2 - empty, Lucy loves laying in the empty bathtub

Day 3 - on my plate, Kolache factory for breakfast
Day 4 - closeup

Day 5 - sign, sign it's going to be a hot summer
Day 6 - hat, me being silly in a cowboys hat

Day 7 - drink, diet coke to drink for lunch from subway
Day 8 - 6:00, watching Dolphins with Megan in Charleston

Day 9 - My view, on the harbor cruise in Charleston
Day 10 - best bit of my weekend, relaxing on the beach in Charleston

Day 11 - door, hanging above our patio door
Day 12 - from a low angle, gallery wall from a low angle

Day 13 - art, in our living room
Day 14 - time, time has stopped on this clock but I still love it!

Day 15 - yellow, my favorite lotion
Day 16 - out and about, bought groceries while out and about

Day 17 - in my bag, lots of BBW from the sale!
Day 18 - something you might not know about me, I wear glasses even though I had Lasik

Day 19 - imperfect
Day 20 - favorite photo I've taken, I'm glad I was able to capture this since it didn't happen often

Day 21 - where I slept
Day 22 - from a high angle, new shoes from a high angle

Day 23 - movement, lots of movement on the dance floor
Day 24 - on my mind, bridal jewelry

Day 25 - cute, new leopard print dress
Day 26 - where I shop, lots of $ spent here lately!

Day 27 - bathroom, hanging in the downstairs bathroom
Day 28 - on the shelf, on the shelf at my mom's house

Day 29 - soft, My momma's cat Cami is so soft
Day 30 - friend, me and my best friend 

What's on your phone this week?


Tamara @ T {times} Three said...

Ohh I love your gallery wall going up the stairs!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Happy Monday! I love all of these photos!

Phil and Darby Hawley said...

I have seen the photoaday in blog land and even tried to do it before, but never successful! This month I'm committing because this looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing your photos!

Jessica Renee said...

I always love all of your pictures! Especially of those cutie cats! ;) and I have to know - why do you still wear glasses after lasik? I've always wanted to get it but it scares me!

Emily said...

I LOVE your gallery wall, a tad jealous of it! = )

Diana said...

I love your gallery wall! Its so well thought out. I wish i could be as creative.

Jennifer said...

I love following your photos!

I think I might need that leopard print dress :)

Jess @ Blonde Meets World said...

Photo a days make me happy.... even though I never succeed in keeping up with them :)

Heather said...

I love that you actually complete these challenges! I always give up during the middle of the month :S!

Amber said...

Clinique is my fave moisturizer too! I always spend way too much at the B&BW sales. They're the best! You look great in your glasses, but still have to wear them after lasik?! :( I want lasik so bad, but I am scared!

Ashlee Miller said...

Aw love the pictures of the fur babies hanging in the bathroom! Great photos this month.

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