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Wedding Wednesday - Losing the Weight

How do y'all like my new little Wedding Wednesday button? I still have a lot more Wedding Wednesday posts to share with y'all so I thought I would make something cute to go along with it :) 
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When we first got engaged, I thought fitting into a wedding dress would finally be motivation for me to start shedding these extra pounds.

Then month after month went by and I kept having excuses. 

So I got my dress ordered in a bigger size than I wanted, but I loved it, so who cares. 

(this is a whole nother story that I'll explain AFTER the wedding, but my wedding dress I tried on in the store originally in March that I purchased was different than the dress that came in....)

So, because my mom hadn't seen the "new" dress on me we went this past weekend to try it on since she was in town.

It should have been a happy feeling, I should have teared up from excitement. 

I did not. 

All I saw was huge boobs busting out the top of my dress. 

I nearly cried from embarrassment. There was no way I would be seen like this on our wedding day. 

I'm going to have to share some details of my dress in order to get the point across... 
It has a corset back so the tighter she pulled the back, the higher my boobs got. It also has a sweetheart neckline so you can only imagine what kind of mess we were dealing with...

Everyone was trying to tell me it looked good, they wished they had big boobs, I'm just self conscious, etc. Ok, maybe so, but if I don't feel comfortable, how miserable will I be on our wedding day??

Where do we go from here? Do I order a new dress? 

Well my mom suggested taking my bra off. If you have big boobs like me, you know that is NEVER an option. I didn't really have any other options so I tried, and it helped. 

The corset back helps hold them up ;) but the sweetheart neckline still shows WAY too much cleavage and I know I would be super uncomfortable with that. The dress in the store I originaly tried on was a bigger size so it covered up more. I wish my consultant would have told me the sweetheart wouldn't have been a good idea. But now it's done so what do I do?? 

Lose Weight.

I know if I lost 20 lbs my boobs would get smaller. Now I am kicking myself for not starting with this back in January. I could even afford to lose 50 lbs. Image how small my boobs would get then?! haha

So now I have until November 16th which is my final dress fitting to get my ass in to gear and start losing this weight.

Oh and another motivating factor?? Being in a swimsuit for a week in front of 30 family members and friends!! YIKES!! 

So, to help me get started. I've gotten back on Weight Watchers. 

I lost almost 20 lbs in less than 2 months last year on it so I'm hoping I can do it again.

We also have a treadmill at home so I really shouldn't have any excuses. Even if I walk every day, it's better than nothing. I made a deal with myself that I can't watch Gossip Girl at home unless I'm watching it on the treadmill :) 

So my main point of writing this was just to vent and also to keep me accountable. I really hope in November I have a success story to tell y'all... 

Source: via Savanah on Pinterest

(this is more of a "holy shit we're getting married on a beach and I have to wear a swimsuit in front of a bunch of people!")

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Katie said...

OMG girl, I am so with you. My dress fitting TERRIFIES me because I haven't lost as much weight as I want to. I ordered my dress a size smaller than I needed, and I'm panicking that I won't get in it. And my friends tell me all the time that they wish they had boobs, but good luck trying to find clothes to fit with them... I feel your pain!! But you can totally do this!

Tracy @ Honey and Nutmeg said...

You go girl. I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary with WW this past Saturday and have lost 45 lbs! My best advice is not to concentrate on a number of how many lbs you need to lose but how you look. I also suggest doing some weights, more muscle equals more fat burned during cardio and everyday. You can do it!

Lacey said...

So crazy, I was going to send you a message this morning on twitter about WW, but got busy! Are you doing it online, or are you actually going to meetings? I know you will pull it off, and will look amazing! Keep us updated on your progress, I want to sign up for WW online, but didn't know if it was effective as a meeting!?

Lauren said...

girl! Do not worry! Your man will love you no matter what BUT.. you will lose the weight! :)

Erica said...

This post hit home, I have the same blessing/curse in the girls department and understand everything you were saying completely! I just started Weight Watchers yesterday so I've got your back. You will be a gorgeous bride no matter what but it's just as an important that you feel comfortable. xoxo!

Tamara @ T {times} Three said...

We are are toughest critics, but I'm sure you look gorgeous! But keep up the motivation, you can do it!!

A Shopaholic Runner said...

I'm so glad I follow your blog! It's neat to be able to relate to someone else getting married! I think any girl is self conscious about her body regardless of her size.

Lindsey Dickson said...

I am getting married October 13th and I recently joined weight watchers for the second time in the last year to try to get the rest of my weight off! I have my dress fitting next month and I'm no where close to how I want to look but it's still going to be an amazing day!

Ashley said...

I'm so sorry about the mishap with your dress, that is really frustrating. I bet everything will work out girl and you can lose the weight:] Someone mentioned weight watchers to me today and now I have been thinking about but have never done it so idk. Good luck!

Jodi said...

Good for you for taking action! I hope you love the way you look in your dress in Nov for your fitting. The only way I've ever been able to stick w/ working out is by having a personal trainer. Maybe consider this as an option for a few months. My results were great! Good luck.

JenniferDAllen said...

I have DDD boobs andwent braless on my wedding day. I promise it is no where near as bad as youthink you will be so amazing gorgoues beautiful pretty on your day nothing else will matter

Lori said...

Good luck Savanah!

Ashlee Miller said...

I felt the same way when I tried on my dress. I can remember the feeling like it was yesterday. When the consultant saw my expression she said something that stuck with me and helped me look at it a different way. She said "He gave you a ring just the way you look now. He loves you for you" And I had to continue to tell myself that. Keep up the motivation! It will come off.

Carly Ann said...

You can do it!! At least you didn't procrastinate on your dress shopping so you have some time to make the changes.

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