Monday, August 6, 2012

Phone Photo Fun!

Before I show any pictures, I want to tell y'all that next week marks 1 year of Phone Photo Fun! Through the year, the name and the cohost has changed, but it's still the same concept and me and Ashlee want to celebrate! So, to tell Phone Photo Fun happy birthday, we're doing a giveaway!!! 

The giveaway won't start until next week, but we wanted to go ahead and let everyone know about it! 


Well, because if you link up next week for Phone Photo Fun, you get ALOT of extra entries in the giveaway! And this giveaway... you won't wanna miss! It's $50 to one of mine and Ashlee's favorite online shops....  

It's a surprise, but some of  you might be able to tell by the colors of the button! ;) So, make sure to come link up next week and enter this FUN giveaway!! 

Now, on to the pictures!! 

Today I was supposed to share all of my July Photo a Day pictures...

BUTTTT, I was horrible this month!!

I'll go ahead and show y'all the days I did do though... :)

{Day 1- Self Portrait}

{Day 2 - Busy, busy working on wedding invites}

{Day 3 - best part of my day}

{Day 4 - fun, shopping for beach chairs for our fun vacation}

{Day 6 - chair, sitting in the chair watching Gossip Girl}

{Day 7 - Garden, a day at Moody Gardens}

{Day 8 - lunch}

{Day 10 - Favorite Color, one of my favorite nail colors for the summer}

{Day 12 - texture, I hate the texture of regular bread, must be toasted}

{Day 13 - open, Lucy sittin with her legs open}

{Day 15 - finger, still love lookin at this on my finger!}

{Day 17 - addiction}

{Day 20 - eyes}

{Day 25 - heart, what I listen to hearts with}

{Day 27 - on the road, headed to Nola!}

{Day 28 - cup, Pina colada in my cup}

{Day 30 - calm, enjoying the calm before the storm}

What's on your phone this week? 


Kristen Danielle said...

Ohhh I know where the giftcard is to & I SO better win!!! LOL

I kept meaning to ask you to share a picture of your calligraphed wedding invites. I have been wanting to see them since we talked about it at dinner last time!

Congrats on 1 year of phone photo fun Monday! I love this link-up :)


Jessica Renee said...

ooh I know what the giveaway is too!!! ;) I love y'alls link up, yay for 1 year!

You're so pretty, friend! And who did the invite writing? It's awesome!!

Sarah said...

Are you tracing light ink for your invitations? I tried practicing on some and it just wasn't working out! Are you using a special kind of pen?

Amanda Haney said...

I'm pretty sure I know what the giveaway is and I totally would love to win it because I've been eyeing a new planner, maybe some mommy busniess cards?! ;))

Love your ring, the invites are looking amazing, and I'm jealous of your vacation!

Ashlee Miller said...

I'm half way through the 4th season and I can't stop watching it. I paid to have internet on my iPad so I can watch it during my breaks and at lunch.

Lauren said...

Got to win it! :)

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