Monday, August 20, 2012

Phone Photo Fun!

Ashlee and I are back for...

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who entered the giveaway. 
Congratulations to Tamara, I hope you enjoy whatever you decide to order with your $50 gift card! Keep us updated with what you get! :)

And now for the weekly pictures! 

(please make sure if you link up that you use our link up button in your post or link back to mine or Ashlee's blog somehow. We will delete links that don't do that.)

1. My outfit for dinner Friday night
2. Got John to by a fishin' shirt :)

1. Lucy is singing for y'all!
2. New sign from Francescas

1. We rented the Hunger Games Saturday night
2. huge ass pills I have to take before surgery

1. sleepy kitty in a box ;)
2. Now that is a lot of cat litter someone bought at costco!

Now link up and show us your pics from the week!


Tamara @ T {times} Three said...

That shot of Lucy singing is absolutely precious! Great timing! And I NEED that sign!!

Amanda Haney said...

I love your dresses, why do you always find the cutest things and I just don't. Surgery day is tomorrow? or Wednesday? Are you going to work soon? You're a school nurse right?

Leslie said...

I love your outfit in that first pic! :) So cute!

Holly said...

I love your dress!

And, we all know that is your kitty litter. Ha! Can you imagine that many cats?! That is a lot of cuddles!

Jessica Renee said...

I love your outfit!! How many cats do those people have?! haha..

I haven't been on Twitter much today so I haven't noticed any surgery updates. When do you have it?

Amanda Wissmann said...

Preeeeecious dress! You look awesome!

What did you think of Hunger Games? I just saw it for the first time and even though I didn't care for the books, I really liked the movie!

Lauren said...

I'm with the surgery comments! Good luck! We are rooting for you!

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